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Turkey = Big game or Small game?
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cnelk 12-Dec-16
oldgoat 12-Dec-16
Stickhead 12-Dec-16
trkyslr 12-Dec-16
Backpack Hunter 12-Dec-16
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Pat Lefemine 12-Dec-16
LINK 12-Dec-16
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drycreek 12-Dec-16
r-man 12-Dec-16
wyobullshooter 12-Dec-16
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IdyllwildArcher 12-Dec-16
planebow 12-Dec-16
TD 12-Dec-16
Bowfreak 12-Dec-16
Coyote 65 12-Dec-16
HDE 12-Dec-16
Bloodtrail 12-Dec-16
cnelk 12-Dec-16
Bowfreak 12-Dec-16
kota-man 12-Dec-16
orionsbrother 12-Dec-16
cnelk 13-Dec-16
MichaelArnette 13-Dec-16
arctichill 13-Dec-16
elkstabber 13-Dec-16
midwest 13-Dec-16
Drahthaar 13-Dec-16
kota-man 13-Dec-16
APauls 13-Dec-16
Cheetah8799 13-Dec-16
Franzen 13-Dec-16
Brotsky 13-Dec-16
orionsbrother 13-Dec-16
MNRazorhead 13-Dec-16
Bake 13-Dec-16
NvaGvUp 13-Dec-16
Paul@thefort 13-Dec-16
Genesis 13-Dec-16
Lee 16-Dec-16
WV Mountaineer 17-Dec-16
ki-ke 17-Dec-16
From: cnelk
Do you consider turkey big game or small game?

Or just turkey game?

From: oldgoat
I consider them big game in my mind mainly because you have to have a tag, but here in Colorado they are not considered big game by law, kids don't have to be 12 years old to hunt them etc.

From: Stickhead
Big game in the sense you can only get one in the spring, and one in the fall. You get a tag, and have to punch it and tag the turkey. Also some areas are a draw area. But realistically, I don't think they are large game.

From: trkyslr
fun game

Big game, because that is how NC lists them. They are awful small for big game though.

From: t-roy
Head game sometimes!

From: Pat Lefemine
They weigh less than a coyote which is small game so I wouldn't go the weight route. I think it boils down to the fact that big game requires careful management and reporting and I would say Turkey fit that category.

From: LINK
Small game unless you're in Alabama.

Small game, big game, turkey game, fun game... whatever. But... according to the lead "beach boy", they have the toughest birds in the country. LOL!

From: Timbrhuntr
Only if u hunt them with your new crossbow. Lol.

From: drycreek
Easy game, hard game, dumb game, smart game, depending on what day and what turkey IMO. Sometimes it's so easy you're embarrassed to trigger the shot, sometimes so hard you want to swear off hunting them. But above all, it's an addiction that I find hard to forget. So I guess my opinion is, small game on the plate, but big game in the field.

From: r-man
Its not up to me , the state of South Carolina decides its big game and decided we have to use broadheads same as for deer. Makes for a messy bird.

Neither. Just a big bird that I love to hunt!

From: Ermine
I consider them big game! In Colorado they are just like elk hunting but smaller size. Crazy how a little thing like a turkey can work you up. I've gotten some serious buck fever hunting turkeys.

Neither. It's a bird. I would, though, classify Javelina as big game. Wolves as well.

From: planebow
The twenty to thirty that I try to keep out of my yard everyday are just a plain nuisance. They can sure make a mess.

From: TD
What P&Y minimum for turkey?


From: Bowfreak
I wish I knew 25% about elk as I do turkeys.

From: Coyote 65
AZ G&F says they are big game.


From: HDE
Frustrating Game.

Big Game in NM.

From: Bloodtrail
Big game. You have to get all dressed up in camo to hunt them, get up early, be really quiet....unlike small game where you can just throw on an orange vest and go hunt.

But in CT you get 3 tags for private land and two for state land in the spring.....kinda like small game bag limits....

From: cnelk
I wish I knew 25% about turkeys as I do elk... :)

From: Bowfreak
Lol. I'd trade you knowledge if I could.

From: kota-man
Feathers = Bird = Small Game

Cory - Just to share an idle train of thought that rolled through my head a couple of years ago while looking from my tree stand at some turkeys in a field.

I came to the same conclusion as you.

Then my brain said, "What about emus and ostriches?"

A coyote distracted me. I never resolved it.

From: cnelk
@ Orionsbrother

No matter what Im hunting, when I see a coyote, it turns into a coyote hunt

Yeah I think it has a lot to do with the fact that population levels are low enough that it's a one or two bird game. Also the fact that they are pretty good-sized critters, I would call predators of any type of big game as well. Also the fact that there is a trophy aspect to turkeys not present another small game. Beard size, age that is obvious, etc.

From: arctichill

arctichill's embedded Photo
arctichill's embedded Photo
Definitely a big game species by my definition. Love hunting turkeys!

From: elkstabber
Virginia considers them small game and so do I.

From: midwest
A blessing to have something so much fun to hunt in the Spring. You can take them as serious as you want to. Hunt all the different subspecies and travel all over the US or just the ones out your back door. I think they're a great critter to chase with a bow and I enjoy the pursuit every bit as much as whitetails so I consider them big game.

From: Drahthaar
N.C. classifies them as big game. Forrest

From: kota-man
"@ Orionsbrother No matter what Im hunting, when I see a coyote, it turns into a coyote hunt"

Yep, I concur...In fact I forgot about "emus and ostrich" when you said coyote. And since emu and ostrich are typically high fence, they don't count either.

From: APauls
I don't even consider them game. I consider them a bird.

To me, game has 4 legs.

From: Cheetah8799
Big game.

From: Franzen
Hybrid for me. You definitely hunt them like big game, and most states I know of manage them like big game, even if they don't specifically define them as such.

However, they are smallish, and they are a bird.

I'm not sure it really matters.

From: Brotsky
Big time fun!

Our state manages them like big game and issues tags so they are treated like a big game animal in our household. In fact my daughter might say they are the ONLY game!

I was thinking emus and ostrich in Australia and Africa. Free range, Kota. I'm an elitist daydreamer.

Anyone ever eat emu or ostrich? Do they taste turkey-ish?

I have a Dr Seuss image in my head of a Thanksgiving table adorned by one of those instead of a turkey.

From: MNRazorhead
Big game. They have an exclusive license as opposed to the multiple-game small game license. Plus, there are hogs shot that are smaller than a turkey and hogs are big game (Ask my friend Tom, LOL).

In reality, they are just a butt-load of fun to hunt, no matter anything else.

From: Bake
I've always thought of them as small game. I'm not sure why. . .

I always considered bobcats small game too, but then I killed a Caracal this year, which I thought was big game. . . so then I rethought whether coyotes/bobcats are big game??

What's a lynx? Big game or small game? Wolverine?

I'm confused

From: NvaGvUp
Turkeys fly and they don't have four legs.

Upland game.

From: Paul@thefort

Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
When this 25# tom charged the Heads Up decoy from 150 yards away, he looked as big as a "griz" as he closed into 15 yards. Self defense was my only option as my life was on the line for sure. A few seconds later, I filled my small game tag. No doubt, they are a neat bird to hunt.

my best, Paul

From: Genesis
Shucks....they have their very own score sheet.....gotta be BIG GAME doesn't it?

From: Lee
Never thought much about it but sure love to hunt them. I'd have to say big game as I ever took off work to hunt small game but i dang sure do during turkey season!

I don't know. I just know I LOVE spring hunting them. It's my favorite kind of hunting to do. God Bless

From: ki-ke
I most of the areas I hunt in NJ, They are like land carp.....

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