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Crazy Lion Video from BC
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Lone Bugle 23-Dec-16
Empty Freezer 23-Dec-16
IdyllwildArcher 23-Dec-16
Destroyer350 23-Dec-16
IdyllwildArcher 23-Dec-16
willliamtell 23-Dec-16
tobywon 23-Dec-16
SDHNTR(home) 24-Dec-16
BOWUNTR 24-Dec-16
WV Mountaineer 24-Dec-16
Paul@thefort 24-Dec-16
drycreek 24-Dec-16
Elkhuntr 24-Dec-16
Huntcell 24-Dec-16
butcherboy 24-Dec-16
Mule Power 24-Dec-16
elkmtngear 24-Dec-16
LBshooter 25-Dec-16
From: Lone Bugle

Lone Bugle's Link
This guy has stones!

That is an awesome experience. I am just dumb enough to think all encounters like that will end as the cougar and man are now Blood Brothas..

My communist work internet has it blocked. Any other way to see it?

From: Destroyer350
Idyll - Here it is on YouTube. I couldnt get it to attach for some reason but you should be able to copy and paste. If not look up "mountain lion bc" and its the 2nd video on YouTube.


From: willliamtell
Major pelotas on Chris. Well raised too - no swearing. Was that a bike helmet he was wearing? Figures - bikers are like cockroaches, you can't kill us.

Whadya think? Looks like a young cat (not that I'd really know), probably hungry and/or curious. Nice growl. I just upgraded my carry knife size.

From: tobywon
I like the "I'm Bigger Than You" comment. All I could think of was my small house cat's claws being sharp and what those on that cat would feel We are so weak compared to animals comparable to our size. That cat would have sliced and diced the hell out of him if he wanted. Cool video and way to keep his cool in a tough situation.

From: SDHNTR(home)
Something's not right with that vid. Very strange. I don't understand why both the cat and the human would have handled the situation that way.

Both are young... They'll learn the hard way. Ed F

He did well.

Why do people venture out like that with no way of protecting themselves? Being one with nature ensures that food chains are honored. I'd never got that video. God Bless

From: Paul@thefort
I remember a true story of a guy who left camp to take pictures of grizzly bears. When he did not return, a party was sent out to find him but they only found some torn clothing, blood and his camera. The developed film showed a mother and two cubs. The last picture was of the mother bear charging.

From: drycreek
Paul, your story reminds me of once when I was in a sporting goods store and there was a tv running showing hunting videos. I walked by it about the time a cameraman had focused on a good sized boar hog. The hog was focused on him too ! At the shot, I saw the arrow flash in from the right and come to rest with about half of it hanging out the off side of the hog. It didn't take long to start seeing brush, sky, and ground ! The last footage was of the camera laying sideways on the ground, human feet running by followed closely by hog feet. LMAO at that one !

From: Elkhuntr
very cool, thanks for sharing.

From: Huntcell
Clearly he had never killed a cat of any species otherwise he would been on the recieving end of cat killing karma!! (' ,,, ')

From: butcherboy
Looks like he ran first before he turned to confront it. Big mistake with a lion. At least he kept pretty calm.

From: Mule Power

Mule Power's embedded Photo
Mule Power's embedded Photo
Mule Power's embedded Photo
You can't see me!
Mule Power's embedded Photo
You can't see me!
Toby I was thinking the same thing. If you've ever pissed off a 10 pound house cat you wouldn't be feeling very big by a cat like that.

One time I was showing a new guide around my area in about 2002. It was during August and hot out and we took a short nap in a small meadow on a hillside. I awoke to the feeling of mule deer terds hitting me on the face and chest to see the guy was trying to put one in my open mouth while I was sleeping. I jumped on him and we wrestled a bit rolling downhill the whole time. We came to a stop at the edge of the meadow and I looked up. Standing there at a mere 7 or 8 feet was a small lion. He was broadside and just stood there looking at us. Eventually he walked about another 10 feet and stopped to stare us down again and walked away.

These pics were taken from point blank range. We saw a lion cross the road and pulled up to right where it entered a wall of pine trees. I bawled like a hound dog and they treed! it never works that easy when you're trying to hunt one! wth! Their mother treed a couple hundred yards up the hill to wait.

From: elkmtngear
Kitty2 photo kitty3_zpsbinougxu.jpg

Young lion, but he was acting almost like a pet. Usually when they figure out you are human, they bug out. I've had two within 15 feet or less stalk in on me while calling. This one was about 8 feet away

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: LBshooter
I think he should of used his bike to deter the lion at the start. The fact that he turned away and that lion closed the gap so quick he's lucky the cat didn't attack him then. Never turn your back and retreat. As mentioned, the number of people who go into the wilderness without some form a protection is crazy. A can of bear spray, a nice Bowie, or a machete, something other than your hands to fend off claws.

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