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Looking for an Alberta moose hunt
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caribou77 26-Dec-16
Charlie Rehor 26-Dec-16
deerhaven 26-Dec-16
t-roy 26-Dec-16
bowbender77 26-Dec-16
sureshot 26-Dec-16
From: caribou77
Looking for recommendations for an Alberta moose hunt. Chances are at least 1 rifle hunter would be along. Give me your thoughts and experiences. Surely don't need giants, happy with legal bulls.

Mike's Outfitting is usually 100%. Bowsite Sponsor for many years.

From: deerhaven
Mike is a great guy. You might also look at Ryk Visscher. Both solid individuals with good track record.

From: t-roy
I haven't hunted moose with Mike's, but did hunt mulies with him. Very solid outfitter.

From: bowbender77
x2 for Ryk Visscher.

From: sureshot
My wife and I hunted moose with Mike in 2015, feel free to pm me if you need any information.

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