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Letter from Jack Hume
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From: Katahdin
Hello Fellow Hunters,

You are receiving this email because you are scheduled to hunt caribou with our outfit during the 2017 season, and we would like to take this opportunity to relay the most up-to-date information concerning changes to the caribou hunting regulations at this time.

We have always maintained a high importance on keeping our clients informed, and on offering transparency in our operations – there has never ceased to be some sort of dramatic uprising consistently since the date of purchase of this outfit from Jack Hume 15 years ago, but this year we write to you with the heaviest of hearts.

Late Wednesday afternoon our ministry announced a complete closure of caribou hunting in the province as of February 1st, 2018, as well as a 50% drop in caribou tags from our 2015 license allocation for the 2017 season. By teleconference, we were informed of these measures by members of the MFFP (Ministere des Forets, Faune et Parcs), followed by every member of the MFFP hanging up before any questions or clarification could be discussed. We know that this was an unjust and politically-driven decision, and if you would like to read their press release, please click here We could go into great detail about how we believe the statistics published on the population of the herd have been falsified, or moreover, completely invented, but that will not change the reality of our present situation. We are David, they are Goliath, and First Nations in this province are God.

Despite our anger, frustration and mostly sadness, we feel extremely fortunate to have one last opportunity to host hunters this coming season. You folks are the last caribou hunters that will visit our cherished corner of the earth for the foreseeable future – and we are going out with a bang together! As always, we promise to do everything in our power to maintain a high success level – and would really like to finish our last season with 100% success (yes, some of that weight is on your shoulders, so start shooting!)

With that said, for some of you, there are obviously some changes to your contracted hunt for which we need feedback. In November of this year, just one month ago, we lowered the price of our packages by $300 and included 1 caribou license instead of 2, with the option to buy the 2nd management tag at a cost of $500 upon arrival at base camp. We came to this decision after having completed the 2016 season (the first in our company’s 35 years of operation) with most of our clients harvesting cows as their 2nd caribou, in accordance with the ministry’s new regulations for that season. This did not sit well with us, it felt wrong and our decision to drop the initial package price and essentially increase the cost for those who felt compelled to harvest a 2nd caribou, was purely a deterrent. What a mistake that decision turned out to be given our current situation.

We are by no means greedy people, we have made a living as outfitters, and enjoyed every minute. Back to reality, we are running a business – a business that will no doubt end in one year from now through no fault of our own. A business that we invested significant money for that is essentially being tossed in the trash with no sign of compensation. This is not a call for sympathy, rather an explanation for the measures we are about to outline. Due to the 50% cut in licenses, we no longer have the volume to sustain our operation for one last season without making some changes.

2017 Season changes:

1. Limit of one tag per hunter for any size or sex caribou – 2nd tags for caribou with antlers less than 15” are not available due to license quota restrictions.

2. Abolishment of the drive-up package – license restrictions force us to prioritize those traveling on our charter aircrafts in order to be cost-effective.

3. The reinstatement of our package prices prior to November 2016, no matter what price you reserved for (discounts still apply):

· 1x1 Wild Card $13,000

· 1x2 Wild Card $11,000

· 1x2 fully guided $8,500

· 1x3 semi-guided $8,000

· 1x4 semi-guided $7,500

· 1x6 unguided with cook $7,000

· 1x6 unguided no cook $$6,500

In order to help offset the loss of income from the cancellation of the drive-up hunt, any new reservations will be priced at $1,000 more than the above listed prices. No new reservations will be taken before January 11th, 2017.

Please let us know by January 10th, 2017 whether you accept these changes and would like to maintain your reservation, or if you would like to cancel your reservation and receive a full refund.

Thank you for your understanding,

Richard & Amanda Hume

Jack Hume Adventures Inc.

Delay River Outfitters

86 Robinson Road

Wentworth, QC J8H 0G3

Tel. 1-877-563-3832

Fax 1-877-563-5770

Cell 450-612-3832

From: Trial153
Yep, we/I received our email today. No way are we cancelling.

From: drycreek
Are we to understand that the government is forcing the outfitter out of business in favor of the natives ? I don't understand what's happening here. I know that Jack Hume has been a top outfitter for years just by reading articles and stories.

From: TXCO
Hard to be an outfitter if you have no tags so yea, they are forced to close theyre doors.

From: Bou'bound
Yep I got it and sent the following back:

Amanda and Richard,

This is so unfortunate and unfair to you. I am so sorry for so many reasons that this is happening to your family and to the wildlife in northern Quebec. It is not right and I can only hope that reality prevails in short order and the impact to you is not permanent.

My son and I are booked for the 9/3/17 fly up hunt, 1x6 with no cook. We plan to keep the two spots as originally booked, which I believe is what you are saying below, and understand that that the opportunity for a reduced price for the one tag option is not available nor is the chance to purchase a second tag.

I wish you the very best as you sort through this with hunters. You guys are doing the right thing in the face of a wrong thing that is being done to you. That is worth something in this world even though it hunts.

I look forward to seeing you in the fall and thank you for your integrity and professionalism.

From: JTV
wow...just wow.... thats what a liberal government will get ya.....

From: Dwitt2n
Don - top outfitter and good people. I was booking my 6th when I got the news from Amanda. The Ministry needs to defend their position of herd numbers to start with. 4 days of helicopter census and now the 400,000 becomes less than 200,000? From what Richard says it was a closed phone call - no discussion and the closure was put in effect. If - the numbers are as bad as they claim, a holistic approach to management has to be put in place including and especially indigenous harvests, or a sport hunting moratorium simply delays what they claim is inevitable. I have read nothing (if its out there and available - please provide a link) to any research on calving grounds and what may or may not be occurring there. A lot needs to be done and demonizing and alienating sport hunting doesn't get us there. JHA runs exactly the type of outfitter Quebec should want. If - the Ministry is sincere in wanting a healthy and stable population, they should open doors instead of closing them.

From: midwest
Is Quebec the California of Canada?

This is like banning the import of polar bear trophies to stop global warming. smh

From: Chief 419
I'm willing to go out on a lilmb and say the natives won't see their caribou take limited by the government. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. It's been my experience that the natives have no concept of game management and conservation. The PC government will give them anything they ask for.

From: rtkreaper
I am also going to keep my hunt scheduled with JHA. Have hunted with them the past 17 years and am not about to quit now so will be up again in September. Don't know what we as individuals can do to show our support for Richard and Amanda but hopefully the big name hunting groups and hunters can have some pull. Possibly a lawsuit to block the closure?? Would be a shame to lose such a fantastic hunt and experience. I had already booked for the next three years but that looks like it may be out the window. Please show your support any way you can. Hopefully they can put up a good fight and get the season reopened. Saw more caribou and more big bulls than ever last year so IMO the numbers given by the survey are not even close to being accurate. See you on the tundra. Rory

From: creakylimb
Midwest, to a lot of us it definitely seems that way. Although outside of this case in particular, it is hard to single out Quebec alone as the only province/territory making lets say 'questionable' decisions regarding wildlife management. All the best to everyone effected by this closure.

From: Bou'bound
This goes so far beyond loss of a job. jobs can be replaced.

it seems like with no season the family will lose all the assets, the camps, the base, etc. that was used to run the operation, and is now useless, with no seasons on the horizon. May have been owned, may have been mortgaged, whatever, but 35 years of acquiring camps and buildings, and equipment spread all over the northland and building something to pass down to others in the family is gone based on an ill informed decision. and the decision makers don't even accept questions on the conference call??????????

Maybe there is some way to repurpose some of the infrastructure, but probably not as the whole thing was based on caribou outfitting. This is just so wrong on so many fronts.

If the Indians can take 10's of thousands for free how come 500 hunters annually can't take 4-500 bulls and pump $5,000,000 into the provincial economy to do it???????

From: kota-man
This is a travesty on so many levels, it is even hard to respond. Best of luck to the crew at JHA.

From: caribou77
Bou and Rory, I will be up the week before you. I'll try to save you 1. Dave are you in this year?

And Bou is right, the shear loss of money and equipment... Stuff that took 35 years to get out there and set up. You can't just go reclaim it in a weekend and take it home. So so sad for all parties involved.

I'm at loss for words but all of the above has me covered, This just plain sux.

From: Browtine
I have dreamed of this hunt for many years. By the time I was financially able and serious enough is when the Quebec government did absolutely nothing for all of the hunters that got screwed when the "fly-by-night" outfitters went belly up several years ago. While I would trust JHA with every detail of the hunt, I did not and do not trust their government. For this reason I have sat idly by and have not pursued this hunt. While I may come across as a Monday morning quarterback now, and I absolutely hate it for all parties involved, at this point I will never consider a trip to Quebec for anything. I have been there several times fishing but will not be back. A government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take it away from you.

From: rtkreaper
Luke, I am going to try to get an extra week again this year but under the current circumstances I don't know if that will happen. Will have to talk to Richard. See you on the tundra. Rory

From: Rut Nut
I saw this late yesterday afternoon............................................................STILL hard to believe this is happening!

kota-man said it best.......................................a real TRAVESTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(for ALL involved!)

From: Katahdin
I posted the letter for information and discussion purposed and it seems to have met my intent. I had many opportunities in the 80's to hunt on a sponsored basis and chose rather to fish, even back then Jack Hume was a prominent name in the outfitting world. I have now booked for 2017 and replied to Amanda that I will keep my slot. Very sad situation.

From: hunting dad
So much for the caretakers of mother earth philosophy of the native peoples. Maybe we should make them all watch dances with wolves. LOL. Very sad situation indeed.

From: Dwitt2n
Luke, not sure at this point. 2019 was an absolute, 2018 was a probably but 2017 had too many plans made. Now with this..........not sure. I'm sending the Ministry a letter this week to voice my concern and ask for more information. No one wants the herds teetering on the brink, but from a wildlife management viewpoint (UW grad in Wildlife Ecology) nothing indicates the herds are in that dire shape. I want dots connected on how a moratorium on sport hunting and no changes in indigenous use protects the herd. And, what are those plans moving forward. Any studies on other factors? Predation, calving grounds, climate changes effecting vegetation, diseases? Lots of questions.............

From: rtkreaper
Come on Dave, jump in if you can. would hate for it to be the last caribou hunt with out you. Wouldn't be the same with out you. See you on the tundra. Rory

From: caribou77
Dave, do you really think they'll respond?

The Canadian Government could care less.....That's been proven many times ...especially when it comes to caribou hunting,

From: Dwitt2n
I'm expecting a response from them - at some level. I'll let you know.

From: rtkreaper
DAVE, I'm not into writing letters any more, but i would appreciate it if you would sign my name to it to. May as well get my name on their SHIT list while were at it. Rory

From: Bou'bound
Should we be doing something as a group via a letter or notice of some kind to try to send a message?

From: Rut Nut
I doubt a letter(or thousands) would do any good at this point! When they hung up the phone on the conference call w/out any chance to respond or even ask questions...............................................pretty much says it all! ;-)

From: APauls
Guys, there is honestly nothing that's going to happen. This liberal pansy-ass government we have will do anything they can if a couple of native americans or first nations or whatever we are supposed to call them ask for something.

I don't believe even if the Government decided they wanted to shut down native hunting that it is within their power. Has to do with the treaty. Indians in Canada are actually a separate NATION. Our government has no power over their hunting. That is the sad reality. I have no idea how our country is supposed to work it is such a broken system. They are a separate nation, but yet have entirely free healthcare, paramedic services, less tax and on and on and on. Did you know our government picks up first nations from the reserves and flies them out to hunt moose, because they have shot everything that lives within any driving distance of the reserves? Did you know our government has been flying Inuit from Quebec/Ontario to Manitoba and Nunavut to shoot caribou for years? This is what kind of a messed up situation we are dealing with. Did you know that natives from MB went to SK and poached moose on a person's private property that has NO HUNTING and NO TRESPASSING signs on it and drove over the farmers crops to get their moose? SK Conservation officers actually pursued the case and charged them (bless their souls, Manitoba officials will never touch an indian case) and now the natives want to fight it because they say hunting is their right private land or not. THAT is the type of stuff we are dealing with here. We're talking about private land not even being private! A few hundred caribou tags are pretty small fries compared to many of the things they are asking for, so I don't think you're going to get much traction. By all means have at er.

Before anyone says I'm racist think again. I married a woman with native blood, and I love the people, but there is so much stupidity, confusion and entitlement problems it is insane. Our emergency responders here get verbally assaulted, spit on and attacked every single day. Abused every single day. What is the solution? They are forced to take courses on aboriginal awareness and culture. Asked questions and basically told that we are a racist people towards natives and we need to change, when it is exactly the opposite. My buddy is a paramedic and they go to pick up a lady the other day drops her hat. Turns to the medic and says: "Pick that up." That's the way many of them expect to be treated lol

I'd better stop before I get riled up ;)

From: Rut Nut
I would say that is unbelievable............................................but if the last 8 years have taught us anything, is that NOTHING is unbelievable!(especially when POLITICS are involved! ;-)

APauls , could not have said it any better, believe me a lot of you may think he is exaggerating , believe me he is not , I could go on with many more horror stories but I do not have the time it would take to mention them all and as Mr.Paul said there is basically nothing can or will be done about it..

From: skull
This entire country needs a good hard friggin shake! In no way am I anti native. My regret is that we all can't be Canadian and ALL be treated equally. I do believe there are 634 different first nation tribes in Canada. Which tribe was here first and which one came last? Does the frist tribe get more rights then the last tribe? And if one tribe displaced another are there any land claims ongoing in that regard? Who really are the TRUE Canadians. Canada is a divided nation in many regards. We have Canadians, we have first nation we have Quebecers, and we have immigrants. There seems to be SPECIAL laws and privileges for each but not for all We need one Canada for all Canadians with one set of laws.

From: Dwitt2n
Agreed Pasquale. Sport hunting is not the cause for herd decline. The Leaf River herd numbered over a million in the mid 1990's. Natural limiting factors; availability of food, parasites, predators all impact the health and ability to sustain a population. If 634 different First Nation peoples all have unlimited ability to shoot as many caribou whenever they want, over time the over killing coupled with natural forces will put the herd below sustainable numbers. Look around at other species which have either gone extinct or teetering on the brink. If Quebec fails to put a complete moratorium which means an enforceable moratorium on the killing of caribou by indigenous peoples, the herd will likely not survive. If the caribou are the only true difference between starving and surviving, then compensating the nations my providing another food source happens. If the numbers are accurate, then this is way beyond the argument of traditions and sovereign rights or 200 year old treaty's. When the herds are gone - they are gone.

From: spike buck
I am at a show right now. My neighbor booth is native. The Canadian Government paid for their nice new booth. Paid their wages to be at the booth. Including mileage, brochures their motels stays and all their restaurant tabs, etc. To compete with us other Canadian Outfitters.

This is after we paid for them to build the Resorts they are here promoting.

They showed up 1 day late and finally climbed behind their booth at 11:30 this morning. Show started at 10:00 sharp.

All on our Canadian tax dollars we paid.

From: caribou77
Spike buck, who was your neighboring booth?

From: APauls
Gotta love the ideaology of the CDN government!!!

You have to see the reality that they will be getting paid regardless of whether they sell hunts or not, so there really isn't much incentive to do it. Unlike the rest of us who don't see a paycheque if we don't perform.

From: Florida Mike
Can anyone explain why Governments feel they need to give special priviledges to natives? They let the indians operate casinos and hunt whenever and whatever they want. Why? If your nation is conquered you should not be treated differently. If youre a different color or race you should not be treated differently.

Set aside programs only cause division and resentment.

From: APauls
That's what most people think.

Key difference Mike is their nation was not conquered. They signed a treaty. Their nation is still around today. As I said we have 2 separate nations in Canada occupying the same space. It's messed up and both parties agree on that statement.

From: skull
Can anyone explain why Governments feel they need to give special priviledges to natives?

They were here FIRST, everyone else came after them, so they can get whatever they want when they want. And let's not mention that they are not paying taxes on what they buy. The rest of us 13%

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