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Looking - 2017 Spring Bear/fish Ontario
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Jeff Pals 30-Dec-16
jmiller 30-Dec-16
Chief 419 30-Dec-16
South Farm 30-Dec-16
Jeff Pals 30-Dec-16
Wv hillbilly 30-Dec-16
skull 31-Dec-16
Screwball 31-Dec-16
north560 02-Jan-17
Jeff Pals 04-Jan-17
SteveB 04-Jan-17
TSI 05-Jan-17
spike buck 05-Jan-17
bearbaiter 07-Jan-17
From: Jeff Pals
I know I am a little late in planning, but I am looking for a bowhunt/fishing trip for this spring in Ontario. The bowhunt would be for my 14 yr old and 16 yr old boys at a minimum. If three hunts are available, I would hunt as well. My wife will probably come along as a fishing only guest. We have to hunt the end of the season because they do not get out of school until June 3.

The hunt can be guided, semi-guided or do-it-yourself. Let me know if anyone has some openings. You can PM me or email me



From: jmiller
Sent PM

From: Chief 419
PM sent.

From: South Farm
Bear Creek Outfitters, Armstrong.

From: Jeff Pals
Thanks guys! -Jeff

Look into pine acres. Bowsite sponsor, great outfit!

From: skull
Hi Jeff Unfortunately you have to be 16 to Hunt in Ontario

From: Screwball
Pine Acres, Ontario just got quota limits, Chris has openings.

From: north560
Hi Jeff: skull is right you must be 16 to hunt in Ontario, however they could sit the stand with you to learn about hunting bear.We do have openings still for the spring hunt at Gow-Bush-Kon Lodge

From: Jeff Pals
Thanks everyone for the replys and PMs. I was not aware of Ontario's minimum age being so high. Both boy have been bowhunting since they were ten and are very experienced for their age. My 16 year old has bear hunted in Montana.

I am open to any other suggestion, but still like the idea of a fishing/hunting combo, lake based hunt.

We need a place that allows 14 year olds to hunt and our other restriction is the last day of school is June 5, so we can't leave until the 6th.



From: SteveB
I believe it's 12 in New Brunswick?

From: TSI
16 In New Brunswick,Quebec might be 12 but not sure.

From: spike buck
Manitoba is a younger age. Try Bear Track.

From: bearbaiter
try outland outfitting in manitoba.

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