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Decoy for predators?
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Dyjack 09-Jan-17
Pat Lefemine 09-Jan-17
drycreek 09-Jan-17
From: Dyjack
Any of you use a turkey decoy, or other kind of decoy when you call in predators with a mouth call to bow range?

From: Pat Lefemine
We never use decoys. You are better off calling them in and stop calling when they get close. When the see the decoy the come at it full speed and it's almost impossible with a rifle. Bow would be impossible to kill them. We never use decoys after learning this lesson the hard way.

From: drycreek
We always use a battery operated floppy decoy. We set it out 50/60 yards away where the call is, or close to it. It takes the coyotes attention off the shooter. Lots of times you will have to adjust to take a shot that comes up on your right, and if the coyote is looking at the decoy, you can get away with it better. I've never had a coyote get next to it before he died. I did have a fox attack it once though. One of the few times while hunting that I wished I had a camera running !

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