Decoy for predators?
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Dyjack 09-Jan-17
drycreek 09-Jan-17
From: Dyjack
Any of you use a turkey decoy, or other kind of decoy when you call in predators with a mouth call to bow range?

From: drycreek
We always use a battery operated floppy decoy. We set it out 50/60 yards away where the call is, or close to it. It takes the coyotes attention off the shooter. Lots of times you will have to adjust to take a shot that comes up on your right, and if the coyote is looking at the decoy, you can get away with it better. I've never had a coyote get next to it before he died. I did have a fox attack it once though. One of the few times while hunting that I wished I had a camera running !

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