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Packing for africa
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From: Zebrakiller
What do you pack I know my last two trips I had too much stuff been a few years just need a refresher?

From: GhostBird
Wrist rocket for monkeys. Give it away when leaving.

From: t-roy
A couple of trail cameras. Lots of fun to see what pics you get when not there, plus I gave them to my PH as a portion of his tip.

Make sure you don't take fleece. There's a burr there that will cling to it like super glue and you will look like a porcupine.

I took big bags of Hersey's Kisses and was very popular in camp.


I took red and black licorice and they loved it. They had not tasted licorice before.

Camera Things to keep you warm at night, first thing in the morning, and while traveling to and from hunting. Stand hunting: a good cushion

Good Nino's and range finder. Not to much clothing as they do the laundry daily. Have a ton of fun!

From: Aftermerl
A couple of cheap Walmart (Ozark Trail) watches as gifts for your trackers and skinners. If you're taking expensive boots, think again. An inexpensive pair that is comfortable and broke in can be a great gift as well. Anything you can leave as a gift will be well appreciated. If they say 3 sets of clothes they mean it. 4 is too many. Buy the international texting plan your phone service sells. It's well worth the charge. I didn't and wish I had, being able to text back home on my time would have been invaluable.

From: drycreek
I don't have a clue, but good luck on your hunt !

From: wild1
Start with a search, both on Bowsite, and the internet in general. I divide my packing list between hunting, and non-hunting stuff. The trip can be long and arduous, so a lot of thought goes into making the travel portion more comfortable. Here's a start:

eye drops, noise reduction headphones and sleeping aids (Tylenol PM is my choice). It's the little things: ziplocks (for both moisture and dust), lightweight blow-up butt pad for long sits in a blind (or a piece of foam that you can use to protect gear/bow on the trip), a great novel or journal for the same long sits, telephoto lens for the camera (take more pictures), some sort of all-purpose medicine for aches and pains (I use motrin),

Hunting stuff: extra release, all the other stuff. Enjoy!!

From: t-roy
Look up the thread "Things I would do different ". Lots of good advice there. Zip ties came in handy too.

From: Zebrakiller
Thanks everyone

From: Barty1970
Depending on the airline, give thought to packing clothes in your hard bow case and putting the case in an oversize duffel bag to deter "eager" local baggage handlers in southern to avoid having anything that looks like a rifle case; too many horror stories

From: PAstringking
Which part of Africa?? Even in South Africa my gear choices would change a little based on if you are hunting the flat Kalahari, the lush Eastern Cape, or the mountainous Limpopo. Either national or your local SCI chapter about the Blue Bag Program. Fill the bag and donate to a local school or community.

From: Buffalo1


Socks (2), Underwear (3), *Tee shirts (2) (SS & LS), Pants (2), *Shirts (2), *Hoodie (2), *Coat (1) (Heavy or lightweight depending on time of year), *Cap & tuke (1 each), *Gloves (2 pair), Belt, Bush gaiters, Boots, Camp shoes, Camp pants & shirt, Rain Top and Face mask (2) or camo paste, * Preferably black, if hunting in hide or blind)


Bow (2), Arrows (24), Broadheads (12), Extra blades or sharpening supplies (coc), Bow sling, Release aid/glove (2), and Sight cover


Binos (7x power), Rangefinder, Camera/ Video, and Backtracker or GPS Unit


Lip balm, Nasal saline solution, Skin lotion, Artificial tears, Sunscreen lotion, Headache meds, Indigestion meds, Band aides, Magnifying glass, Needle, Tweezers, Headache meds, Pain pills, Peroxide (small bottle), Triple strength ointment, Q-tips, and cough drops/medicine

Personal Rx prescription meds

Travel RX prescription meds: Cipro, Amoxillan, Malaria meds, and Sleep pills


Dope kit (comb, toothbrush, scent-free deodorant, scent free soap), Alarm clock, Lens cleaning supplies, Camera/video chips, Reading material, Reading glasses, Copy of The Perfect Shot & African Hunter Shot Placement, Notebook, Writing pens, Highlighter, Cigarette lighter, Pocket knife, Flashlite, Duct tape (roll), Extra TSA locks, 220 volts power converter, Sun Shades, Extra batteries ( for anything that operates on a battery), Surveyor tape ( I tie to limb to watch wind direction; use in tracking, if needed), Ziploc bags ( Qt. & Gal), 6 ft. electrical cord (for multiple unit charging at night), Chargers (for camera/video & cell phone) and Hard candy ( for kids)


All Rx prescription drugs (scotch self in case of baggage separation), Copies of prescriptions for drugs, Copy of drivers license, Copies of credit cards, Copies of medical insurance cards, Copy of passport, Copy of flight schedule, Copy of travel insurance coverage, Copy of U.S. Embassy contact info (for countries traveling or hunting), Copy of all travel check info, Copy of all correspondence with outfitter, Travel Pillow, Travel Cushion (for 15-16 hr. plane ride & use while sitting in hide), Copy of Medical Vaccination Record, Copy of Medical Issues, daily medication schedule & previous surgeries and Cell phone charger cord

Some sort of OTC antihistamine, like Benedryl. Both oral meds and lotion. A lot of stuff bites and the bites can itch. Pepper ticks are the RSA equivalent of USA chiggers.; insidious little bastards. I learned this the hard way last May...


From: Zebrakiller
Great lists guys I'm so bad at this stuff can't tell you how many times I have packed the night before I left

From: Scar Finga
diarrhea meds a really good Gor-Tex boonie hat.

From: Bake
A good book or two, or download a book or 6 to your phone or tablet. Take a Mophie charger for your phone or tablet. Worth it to be able to read during plane trips, layovers, etc.

From: APauls
Zebrakiller sounds like you type how you pack lol

From: Zebrakiller
Spell check on phone drives me nuts

From: Medicinemann
When do leave for this hunt? When do you return?

From: Zebrakiller
July 23 till august 2

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