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Canadian Wilderness Outfitters
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hitmanonmac 13-Jan-17
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Dries 30-Jan-18
georgeo 02-Aug-18
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Bou'bound 03-Aug-18
From: hitmanonmac
Still looking for a bou hunt. I found an outfitter in Nunavut that I am looking into. Have any of you hunted with C. W. O before?

Haven't heard of them, but something like this is on my list. What kind of price did he give?

From: 147Hitman

From: APauls
Being Nunavut based, just do your diligence on who runs and owns it. I have heard some stories. I have 0 knowledge of the outfit. Could be the best outfitter on the planet. Check the Jack Hume letter thread and maybe make sure it wasn't the outfitter with a booth beside spike buck ;)

From: Dries
Did you end up finding out anything about this outfitter or Hunted with him? I am also looking into a hunt with this outfitter. Thanks

From: St Cloud
I have hunted with them over 9/11---quite the trip. The husband/wife sold the business to their son? or son in law? I believe. Let me do some internet research and I can tip you off to some of the stuff you will not know until you get there.

From: Dries
When I talked to him at the Hunting show he said his dad passed away around 2005 and he stopped going up there for a few years by started going back around 2010 or so.

From: georgeo

georgeo's Link
Best caribou and bear hunting in Canada. Scott and his family know how to cater to your hunt and he has unique access to land in Naujaat (Repulse Bay). Definitely the experience of a lifetime.

From: Trial153
That website scared the hell out of me and left me scratching my head Just one too many times....

From: PAstringking
Last I hear Monroe Lake Lodge had a cancellation for this year. Little bit of a discount and great people to hunt with.

From: Bou'bound
20 years. 20 hunters a year. Everyone of them got Two bulls. Heck of a track record over a long period of time.

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