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Caribou Meat
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Tatonka 14-Jan-17
mick 14-Jan-17
Treeline 14-Jan-17
From: Tatonka
For those of you who have killed the different subspecies of caribou, is there any difference in the meat say between a Mountain Caribou and a Central Barren Ground caribou? I killed a couple of Central Barren Ground Caribou a couple years ago and the meat was fantastic... Very tasty and very tender. I understand that a caribou bull's meat during the rut is nearly inedible from what I've been told.

From: mick
I`ve ate all species and central barren were flippin awesome. So glad I drove so I took all my 2 bou`s meat and a little from some others. The woodland was just fine. Funny the outfitter said the next week hunt ,(starting 2 days after mine ended) they wouldn`t be keeping any meat as they would be rutting and no good and would permanently stink up item they touched. Hard to believe? The barren ground all taken end Aug./early Sept. were different. Not bad just different. I`ve always have processed my own meat. (steaks,roast,hamburger) no jerky,snack sticks,etc. and thought most deer/elk species are quite similar and feel all bou were comparable except the barren ground. All are good tablefare and are great for you.

From: Treeline
Not a lot of experience here, only one Mountain Caribou. Shot it in late August and the meat was exceptional. Have heard that the bulls get really nasty in the rut and after the rut as well. Prefer hunting early before it gets too snowy up the north country myself so works out well for meat quality.

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