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South Carolina hog hunt
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huntinelk 15-Jan-17
huntr4477 16-Jan-17
huntinelk 16-Jan-17
From: huntinelk
I am looking for suggestions on a quality hog hunt in SC or possibly Georgia or Florida. I have 2 employees that work very hard for me and I would like to take them on a good hog hunt during our slow time March or April. I would like to find a free range place that offers a good hunting experience with the reasonable chance at a couple hogs during a couple days of hunting. Open to feeder hunt, dog hunt, or combination of both. The type and quality of lodge is secondary to good hunting.

I want to stay in the southeast area so we can jump in the truck andriver drive there within 20 hours or so.

Thanks for any suggestions.


From: huntr4477
Where are you traveling from? We hunted SC for a few years,Black River Plantation. The last few years we have been going to NC. It's an easier drive for us (from Pittsburgh area),only a mile off I-95. Better hunting in my opinion,more hogs,more land. All hunting is over bait piles,at night. T and M Hunting Properties. Bob

From: huntinelk
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