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I gotta have that Sitka vest.

From: smarba
Saw and handled the new Sitka Subalpine pattern and specifically the Ascent Series. Will be my new go-to gear for hot weather hunting here in New Mexico!

From: t-roy
The heat seeker hot doe test kit ranks right up there with turkey scent! I see no practical use for it. The cheap shot broadheads are kind of intriguing though. Not sure I would use them on anything other than varmints.

From: Davy C
If the heat seeker works I think it would be kind of cool. It might confirm the full moon theory.

From: cnelk
Where is the new mechanical from SlickTrick?

From: 12yards
The Sitka definitely looks great! Too bad the guy had to sell his entire face to afford it.

LOL. Sorry, I just had to. Seriously, nice looking stuff.

From: APauls
The link provided for Cheap Shot broadheads does not have any info on them.

From: Purdue
The video on the Cheap Shot is impressive for a plastic broadhead.

From: Brotsky
With such spokesmen as TBM, the good folks at Cherokee Sports were already behind the 8 ball, the iCall is not likely to improve their standing! LOL

Sitka Gear, the new G5 BH...That's about it so far! ;-)

From: Swampbuck
The heat seeker could be helpful deciding when to use the vacation days in the fall. Think it could help me breed my horses??

From: loprofile
I'm thinking give Heat Seeker kit to all boys entering the 9th grade.

From: Two Feathers
The remote antler rattle interested me until I found out it was anchored in the tree your in and worked from a pull cord. I already do that with real antlers.

"Discuss our new feature spotlighting 30 new products in unvieled in 2017"............... Many of these websites are not updated yet to reflect their 2017 products...........Lol. Well.OK then...

From: PECO
T15 Pro bow, doe in heat test strips, LOL.

From: Two Feathers
The Aerial Archery throwing machine looked like a lot of fun but out of my budget for just personal use. For now I'll have to stick with another person tossing up the discs.

That Multi Weapon Pack from Insights Hunting looks slick.

The Thin Maxima Reds from Carbon Express will be nice too. Anxious to see the GPI.

From: Brotsky
You put a pinch of that deer pee dip in between your lip and gums and you're going to score for sure! Ha!

Really like the new stainless slick tricks. Very good chance those will be on the end of my deer/elk arrow this fall.

From: Trial153
It's great when the company websites aren't even updated for 2017...

From: Will
I really like the subalpine pattern from Sitka. I'm a camo nerd, it's a bit ridiculous and likely not an issue in any success I have hunting, but that stuff just looks great and the quality is super.

From: jstephens61
Plastic broadhead, didn't we go down that road in the early '90s? About the same time that the Punchcutter can around.

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