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Best week for Newfoundland?
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BUCKeye 26-Jan-17
bigeasygator 26-Jan-17
Trial153 26-Jan-17
Charlie Rehor 27-Jan-17
ACB 27-Jan-17
bigeasygator 27-Jan-17
Bou'bound 27-Jan-17
iceman 28-Jan-17
newfi1946moose 28-Jan-17
From: BUCKeye
Planning a trip to NF in 2018 for archery moose. I dont need a monster, looking for best opportunity at any legal bull. What would be the ideal week to be there? 2nd to last week of Sept might hit pre-rut? Last week of Sept or first week of Oct and try to hit peak rut? Thanks

From: bigeasygator
I think either week could be good as far as the rut. I was there first week in October and it seemed like things were just getting kicked off. However, I think the weather was a much bigger impact on the hunt than what stage of the rut the moose were in. That's a roll of the dice.

From: Trial153
Pick the week that gets you in the woods the closest to oct 1..,,

With the right Outfitter it makes little difference. In 2010 I went in the early bow only season and got my bull the second day around 9/2. Saw 21 the first day and 18 the second day. Good luck! C

From: ACB
Could be outfitter , but friend of mine went second week of September and did not see one bull .

From: bigeasygator
I went with Connes River last year and my hunt started October 3rd I believe. I had hot weather most of the week. Saw 11 moose in total. Five of them over the first three days. None the middle two when it was really warm. Weather was about perfect the last morning and we saw six moose the last morning when the weather was about perfect. No doubt the area held a boatload of moose. But the biggest factor in how many we moose we saw was by far the weather in my opinion. If it was too hot or too rainy/windy they would seem to hole up in the cover (which we never really hunted). With the right outfitter in the right place with the right conditions the hunting can be good just about any time throughout the season, the same way elk hunting can be good both pre-rut and during the rut!

From: Bou'bound
that last week in Sept timeframe is tough to beat it is as safe as you can get weatherwise (not too hot not to crappy), bugs gone, rut will 100% be happening. If you could to a 9/27 - 10/3 thing you'd be golden on an average year.

From: iceman
My hunt in 2014 was the exact dates that Bou just said. Called in multiple bulls during the week. I screwed up my chance at a big bull on 9/28, killed a smaller one on 10/2.

Have hunted NL six of the last seven years and have had good success; though not with bow as a teenage injury ruined a key shoulder. All have been late Oct./early Nov. and all with plenty of excellent meat. Three of us are booked with Conne River for Oct. 8th this fall and our choice of outfitter was based to a great extent on references on Bowsite.

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