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Shiloh Ranch April 2-6 (double huntP
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bad karma 30-Jan-17
INbowdude 31-Jan-17
boothill 31-Jan-17
foxwillkill 31-Jan-17
bad karma 06-Feb-17
bad karma 09-Feb-17
mrfox16 12-Feb-17
From: bad karma
We have 2 openings for an April 2-6 hunt at Shiloh Ranch for two folks who are great to have in camp. Beginning hunters are welcome. I'm more concerned about someone who is good to be in a small home with, and who will make the hunt better. PM me if you're interested. (This is first come, first serve, a money hard commitment is considered firm.)

From: INbowdude
Dang, right after I go back to work. Missed it by this much...

Bad Karma is great company in the camp. Somebody needs to jump on this hunt.

Good luck!

From: boothill
If I only could make that happen...

From: foxwillkill
I will be there April 13-15 then to Kansas to hunt rios the next week back to Missouri for easterns the following week. I might know a couple guys that would be interested. i sure it will be a great time.

From: bad karma
Still looking for two good people.....folks you'd vouch for. Thank you, FWK.

From: bad karma
Looking for only one.......we have a nice fellow who is a newbie bowhunter for number 5.

From: mrfox16
For those days is it a double hog hunt

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