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Wolves and Moose in Yellowstone
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Treeline 01-Feb-17
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From: Treeline
Just got this from Big Game Forever:

"Dramatic decline in western moose since wolf introduction

America’s moose are in serious trouble. You and millions of other sportsmen, America's true conservationists, may be the last hope to save America's moose. We need your help before it's too late. Here is what is going on. Just 20 years ago, Yellowstone National Park and the Yellowstone Ecosystem were the heart of the world's Shiras Moose population. There were literally thousands of moose in the park. People from all over the world traveled to Yellowstone to view and photograph these famous moose. The 1994 wolf introduction environmental impact statement (EIS) indicated that the introduction of wolves into Yellowstone would result in a 7-13% decline of moose. Unfortunately, these commitments have not been kept. Today, just 20 years after wolves were introduced into Yellowstone, projections indicate that there are likely less than 100-300 moose left in Yellowstone National Park. Those watching resident moose populations indicate that actual numbers could be even lower. This represents a decline of approximately 90% of moose populations in the park. This past winter, efforts to count moose in Yellowstone show just how serious the situation has become. We have been told that biologists flew over 350 miles of prime moose winter range in the park for over seven hours under prime viewing conditions. Only six total moose were located in the enormous study area. As sportsmen, we understand the far-reaching impacts of the experimental introduction of Canadian wolves into the Western United States. We have also seen what the years of lawsuit and maneuvering by powerful anti-hunting interests have had on big game populations. We need your help to fight for protection and recovery of the Shiras Moose in America. Without responsible predator management by Western States, there will not be enough young moose to restore these populations to their former greatness."

From: lawdy
I fight antis all the time, most who work for the USFWS. The plan is simple, you as a human have no right to hunt and do not belong in the mix. Therefore, if they can get predator populations high enough, there will be no need for hunting to control prey populations. It is called control and they want control over wildlife, agriculture, timber, water, and your very lives. That folks is a fact. When an anti can watch a pack of wolves rip apart an elk or moose and yet cry over a hunter making a clean kill, don't give me this crap that they are animal lovers. It is all about "control," period. Every bureaucracy in this country, and that includes the USFWS, is to get bigger. More employees to wallow at the public trough, and more power, aka "control."


From: drycreek
Lawdy, I heard today that almost 80% of Federal employees are Democrats. If it's true, is it any wonder ?

From: Treeline
Lawdy you hit the nail on the head.

More Federal Employees vote Democrat because the Democrats tend to expand Government more than Republicans. It is in their best interest to vote Democrat.

Human nature seems to be to push to grow whatever organization you are in (probably goes back to a tribal thing) and if you are doing it with someone else's money, it is easier.

Too bad our Constitution didn't include a clause that would prevent someone from voting for anything that would give them personal benefit as an ethical issue. We wouldn't see the House and Senate getting such huge pay and benefit packages if any increase in their pay had to be voted on by the people. Really ludicrous hearing the Democrats rail against Trump with respect to his businesses and saying that he had to sell everything to be "ethical" when that business is private and yet they vote themselves more money and get rich from our taxes.

Lawdy and Treelibe X 2. God Bless men

From: YZF-88

YZF-88's Link
Ironic that release is from BGF. If I recall correctly they opposed the Simpson-Tester legislation.

From: Treeline
Interesting read, but it seems to be directed at SFW. I don't support SFW or BGF, just putting up the issue as they reported regarding the wolves and moose populations in the Greater Yellowstone. It is unbelievable what has occurred with respect to the entire program - the wolf numbers are way past objectives and the game animals have suffered significantly (not just moose but the elk and deer as well).

Guess it will be good for the willows and aspen when all the elk and moose are gone...

From: Bullhound
From that article: "This organization is making a concerted effort to make inroads into Montana using the wolf as their rallying cry. The group has advocated wolf management positions that could result in wolf RELISTING. The wolf is the group’s “cash cow,” helping fund their efforts to privatize wildlife for the benefit of the few. All to the detriment of the average Montana hunter."

This is SFW & BGF and it is what they do. Anything you get from these groups cannot be taken at face value. Some things they put out may be true, but the only reason they put out any release is strictly in their financial interest, period.

Fact is though that the wolf population has lead to a dramatic decrease in our moose population in Idaho.

From: JLS
Yep, BGF did their best to derail the Simpson-Tester delisting. They may be right with some of their facts but I always question their motives.

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