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lucky me.....hope I can make it work!
Mountain Goat
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From: elmer@laptop
Last Sunday i was at a friend's house and a mutual friend invited my friend and I on a combination sitka blacktailed deer and mountain goat hunt on the west side of Kodiak Island here in Alaska this coming October. The mutual friend has offered to use mileage to pay my airfare from Anchorage, and he also owns a big boat we would use as a base camp. The hunt would be in the Larsen bay area. Apparently there is an over population of mountain goats in the area and has a 2 goat limit. Also lots of deer. Cool thing about it is I used to commercial fish very near here and have wanted to get back to the area for years. I have never hunted there.

Has anyone out there ever hunted the Larsen bay area for mtn goats or deer. Any advice/info about the area would be appreciated!! Thanks!!

I am hoping life allows me to make this happen!!!

From: Nick Muche
That'll be great! Hope you can do it!

From: elmer@laptop
It is in the larsen bay and uyak bay area!

From: Bowboy
Good luck!

You have wonderful friends! Don't let them down:) Get er done!

Sounds fun! Best of luck! GOOD friends are HARD to come by!! Hunt

I'm envious to almost the point of jealousy. Make it happen bud. Life is short and, we never know what the future holds. So, make it happen and don't let anyone guilt you for doing so. God Bless

From: Zackman
Good luck! Kodiak is awesome

From: Brotsky
Wow! I hope you can make it work too! That would be the trip of a lifetime! Good luck!

Great offer, hope you can make it work...Goat is a 'dream' hunt for me!

From: TEmbry
Beautiful area and plenty of goats. If you make it down you won't be disappointed.

How cool is that for ya man.


Good luck, Robb

From: Scar Finga
That's Awesome! What an opportunity, don't let it pass you by! Make it work!

Best of luck!


From: Chief 419
Jobs and wives take a back seat to hunts like that. You can always find replacements. Make that hunt happen or you'll always regret it,

Send me an email. Ran a boat in there and we killed some goats Cool area, more pressure now then before

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