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Idaho mountain lion video
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mrjeffro 02-Feb-17
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From: mrjeffro

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While shooting the Lancaster Classic last week I met up with a good friend of mine. I was showing him pictures and a short video clip I had on my cell phone from my Idaho mountain lion hunt last month. He was nice enough to put everything together and make a short video.

Hope my link works

From: Topgun 30-06

Man last day!! Did ya start having doubts after passing on the first one?

Dang nice Bobcat too.

Good luck, Robb

From: PAstringking

PAstringking's embedded Photo
PAstringking's embedded Photo
Congrats. You hunted with one of the best in my opinion. Here is my clients Idaho lion with a longbow from last year... same hunt but dry ground

From: Scar Finga
Excellent! Thanks for sharing!


From: Dennis Razza
Thanks for sharing Jeff. Great looking cat!!!

Yes, thanks for sharing! Very fun to watch.

Awesome man! Congrats and God Bless

From: Mule Power
I told you Travis was an animal..... the real deal. Every time people on here ask about hunts I mention him but they always seem to pass for someone else either in Canada or down south. He's a sleeper for sure. I know some pretty famous names that have hunted with him but he does little to no advertising and they all find their way through word of mouth. Running hounds is no sideline for him. He is a year round houndsman and that is a way of life for him. It's either bears bobcats or lions. A good friend who just took over Indian Summer Outfitters runs dogs for Trav but is now taking hunters in the Bitterroot if you ever want a change of scenery. He is as good as Travis for sure.

It took some kahunas to pass that 135 pounder. I bet Trav was scratching his head. But not killing mediocre toms is how you end up with big ones.

One time in Harrisburg two guys walked up and asked about a lion hunt. They had both been on unsuccessful hunts and hoped to kill just "one damn cat". They both went home with lions on 1 trip with Travis! Yep..... I don't even bother sending people to an outfitter whether it's for lions elk or deer unless I am confident they are going to get what they paid for. Congrats Jeff on a job well done with plenty of patience and perseverance!

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