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northman56751 10-Feb-17
Kurt 10-Feb-17
Just got back from SCI in Vegas.......went over to the Redstone booth to chat and found new people sitting in the booth! Dave and Dallas were nowhere to be found. Turns out that Dave and Dallas just sold the concession. Not 100% yet as the natives still have a shot at it, but as of this typing, the 30 day period for the natives to decide on whether they want the additional 120 days to decide has passed. Haven't heard whether they exercised that right or not. Will post later if/when i find out. All I can say is that it was about time that Dave sold out! Should have sold it years ago. The new potential owners seems like the real deal. Had a hunting concession in Wyoming for many years and hunted cats,deer, Bighorn sheep, etc. Really stoked about this opportunity. Going to try expand the main areas that Dave hunted as he only hunted about 30% of his concession. Right now, since they are not officially the owners, all they can do is put you on the list for available slots. Acting as booking agent until this goes through. Also, they are going to be basing the hunts out of Whitehorse instead of Norman Wells. Big plus I think. Caribou hunts are going to be 8 days, instead of 4 - 4 1/2 and a helicopter is going to be in camp the whole season (for now). Prices for the backpack hunts will include 2 moves with the helicopter. One move from base camp to spike camp, and one move to another area if needed. Additional moves can be done, but at the expense of the hunter. I sure hope this works out for them............

From: Kurt
I talked to the potential new owners at WSF in Reno 3 weeks ago. I liked them and think they will do well if the sale goes through. They are a potential for a 2017 Dall sheep hunt as of 3 weeks back. (I chose another outfit). They were willing to extend the hunt if you were unsuccessful during the regular duration.....a definite potential plus for their hunts.

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