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CO units 2, 61, 201 deer
Mule Deer
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LKH 14-Feb-17
Jaquomo 14-Feb-17
MathewsMan 15-Feb-17
wildwilderness 15-Feb-17
bowonly 15-Feb-17
From: LKH
61, 2, and 201 are at the top for required points for mule deer. I have heard all of them discussed greatly for how good elk units they are. Not so much with mule deer so what drives the high point requirement???

From: Jaquomo
Big bucks in 2, but after they shed velvet they seem to vanish. I could have shot several in the 170-180 range during our '13 elk hunt and the one deer hunter near us was hunting a legit 200. He knows BIG deer. Then by about Sept 6 they all went away.

From: MathewsMan
I would not burn your points on 2 or 201- but they are your points not mine.

I think a major reason 2 ,201 takes so many points is the extremely low number of tags given, due to the lower number of deer. Also the desire to hunt a limited elk unit generally means less hunting pressure from the uncontrolled massed of OTC elk chasers ruining your deer hunt.

I don't know what's up with 61. I hear about good deer killed on private land, however the many years I have spent there hunting elk on public with friends I have only seen 1 good (180") buck with most in the 120-130" range. I think people want to hunt there just to experience it, and see big elk, however the hunting pressure there is still pretty high, at least on top with a lot of 62 hunters , and a ton of rifle bear hunters the month of Sept.

From: bowonly
I hunted Unit 61 for elk in 2010. I saw some low-end P&Y bucks , but it did not impress me to the level of it's reputation. Admittedly, I was only hunting in one area on the north end and it is a huge unit, but I was not encouraged enough to burn my points. But then again, everyone talks about the number of bears there and I saw only one in 21 days.

I hunted Unit 201 for deer last season. I spent 2-3 weeks hunting and scouting. I saw some very nice, high-end P&Y bucks, but not in the numbers I was hoping for. I did see some photos of some great bucks taken the last few seasons with bow and muzzleloader. I had a great hunt anyway. I would say the attraction of 201 is the low number of hunters and the unique beauty of the area. And the bull elk which is partly why I hunted it.

Don't know about Unit 2 for deer. If you have any questions about 201, PM me. I got some good help from Bowsite on my tag and would hope to return the favor.

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