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Aoudad Hunt Info?
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Frank Sanders 16-Feb-17
Shug 17-Feb-17
Buffalo1 17-Feb-17
Looking at some options for hunting Aoudad and wondering if anyone had any input. I went in 2010 south of Marfa, TX after trading a mountain goat hunt with a guy. Best friend had a heart attack day 1 and passed, so obviously ended the hunt. I bowhunt 95% of the time, but when his wife gave me his custom rifle that he always used, I told her I'd kill an aoudad with it someday, so I'm open to anything bow or gun. I am a Registered Alaskan big game guide if anyone knows of a rancher, etc who would want to trade hunts or come to Alaska and fish for a week, all inclusive. Thx

From: Shug
Frank I sent you a message on FB

From: Buffalo1
Frank- PM sent

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