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Redstone Trophy Hunt outfitter question
Wild Sheep
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glidingindian 17-Feb-17
kota-man 17-Feb-17
Matt 17-Feb-17
Kurt 18-Feb-17
northman56751 18-Feb-17
Cajunarcher 18-Feb-17
Looking for a quality archery hunt in NWT or Yukon for this year for a combo of at least two species, sheep/moose/caribou/goat with preference in that order. Of course most are booked years in advance , especially sheep. Noticed Redstone had many openings, any intel out there to explain? I know several BSers have had great experiences with them in past

From: kota-man
If I'm not mistaken, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Redstone is in the process of being sold.

From: Matt
At this point in the economic cycle, I can't imagine a quality outfit having "many openings". The good ones are booked up for a couple of years out for good reason.

I killed a nice ram and a caribou with Gana River my first time up there. Harold runs a great outfit and I recommend him highly.

From: Kurt
Talk to Sticksender. He can weigh in on the area from his 2016 Dall hunt. And supposedly the transfer to new ownership is this winter per their booking agent.

Redstone is being sold.........

I just rec'd. confirmation a couple of days ago that the natives are not interested in buying it (Redstone), they didn't want the additional 120 days, so the sale can now go through. I believe the closing date of the sale is in early/mid March.

According to the new owners, Dave only had 6 hunts booked at the time of the sale negotiations. Not surprised! He was always the last to book up. Why? Dave! He just didn't treat people the way they should be treated. Great area with great animals, but I know of many people that would not have gone back, even though they had a successful hunt.............myself included!

The new owner's seem like the real deal. They had an outfitting area in Wyoming and did Bighorn sheep hunts along with the usual..........pronghorn, mule deer, elk. Sounds like they have some really solid backing ($$), so I think the sale will go through.

From: Cajunarcher
I hunted with redstone this past September along with bigpizzaman and sticksender. I'll pm you my number if you wanna call me

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