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From: smurph
Watching some Randy Newberg videos today, he was talking about some heart stuff. Just wondering how about how old he is? Looks pretty young. Also how many years he been making videos.

From: LKH

From: Scoot
He's super old. Pretty sure he'll hang it up soon because he's so old.

Right Randy??? ??

Is this a "score / age this buck" thread?

No cheating (google):

I'm going with 56 years 7 months ;)

From: Z Barebow
He is old. Senile old coot keeps offering advise on how to hunt the west. Telling them that anyone (including people he doesn't know) can hunt for deer, elk, antelope etc. The nut even instructs folks on how to apply and draw tags (in states that he hunts!) And then he posts it on the internet! Only a batcr@p crazy old codger would do things like that.

From: Big Fin
Thanks for watching and thanks for the concern. I'm older than Methuselah's Uncle. Well, maybe not that old. I'm currently 52. The video you are referring to is when I was 48.

I have a blood clotting disorder that they (local and Mayo Clinic) cannot figure out. I've had three bad blood clots since 2004, all of which have been a pretty good spook when they come out of nowhere. I've been lucky that I was not out in some remote place when they happened and I could get treated quickly.

The one in that video was a blood clot that traveled to my heart. An entire heart cath was completed and as expected, I have excellent cardio health or as the doc said, "The arteries of a 30 year old." But, with a clotting disorder, it is not heart disease that is the issue.

Those of you who have conditions that are hard to treat or diagnose probably understand why I hunt whenever I can. Odds are that someday, someday I cannot predict, I'm not going to be able to hunt due to a big blood clot or the side affects of the clots I've already had, one of which has destroyed most of the my liver plumbing. I live by a motto, "Hunt when you can, you're gonna run out of health before you run out of money."

Again, thanks for asking. When in doubt, go hunting. I promise it will help.

From: bigeasygator
His podcasts are great too if you're a fan FYI

I hope your health issue gets sorted out. Best wishes and good health to you.

My dad has had problems with blood clots for which the doctors have been unable to diagnose a specific cause.

None of us our promised tomorrow; definitely good to bear in mind.

From: smurph
Thanks Randy, I'm 47 this year, guy starts thinking of that sort of thing. I enjoy your videos.

Well Randy, here's to hoping that you'll still be some wrinkly, shriveled up component of a hunter and pine bough hamster pile overnighting in the cold while chasing a good sized bull thirty years from now.

Unfortunately, good health isn't guaranteed regardless of age. I realize I'm on the back nine of my elk hunting years...I just hope and pray I have several holes left to play! Like Randy, my hunts mean even more today and I don't want to miss one second. Soon enough, all I'll be able to chase is memories. That said, I'll fight like heck to keep pushing that day well into the future. Good luck and good health!

From: midwest
Randy is truly one of the greatest ambassadors to hunting we have today. Thanks for all you do, Randy!

From: Zim1
I got a pacemaker and never scrimp on my Eliquis. I also suspect a blood clot could end my adventures some day. We'll see. If so, no regrets, I've fit in a lot of trips and had a lot of cool experiences.

From: elkmtngear
There's always a silver lining least you don't have to worry about bleeding out if you accidentally get stabbed with a broadhead :^D

I appreciate all you do for Outdoorsmen...and I enjoy your videos!

Best of Luck, Jeff

I've always found it so ironic that the thing that keeps us from bleeding to death is also the same thing that ends it for so many of us. Ultimately, most heart attacks and strokes are a clot and that's what gets the majority of men. Wish you the best Big Fin - I enjoy your material as well.

From: drycreek
Yep, old age ain't for sissies ! At 52, I thought I was still a helluva man. Maybe I was, maybe it was in my mind, but at 70, (in a few days) I ain't much of a man at all. Bad shoulders, bad knees, pacemaker, and one good eye. That's why I'm going bowhunting around the last of March and hopefully kill an axis doe. Who knows, I might not make it until next deer season !

Randy, I've been watching your vids on YouTube. Good work !

From: Mark Watkins
Good to hear from you Randy and that you're moving wide open and hunting all you can!


From: Norseman
Go while you can is to short.

From: Deertick
Idyll ... agreed ... it's odd the coagulation and inflammation are our friends when we are at reproductive age ... but then turn into enemies with time. "Antagonistic pleiotropy" was a concept proposed in 1957, and explains more and more as I get older. (And ... I was just studying this, so it's timely).

Me and Randy came dang close to sharing morning Metamucil tea on his Utah/Cache bow bull elk hunt..... a year or two ago....

Let it be said we both are still alive and chasing those Dang Elk in many states with our Grey Beards!!! haha

Good luck, Robb

From: Inshart
Agree, Randy is right at the top - Thank you for all you do for "us".

From: TD
I have a hard to diagnose and treat issue...... my psychologist has just about given up..... I told him it's just bowhunting......

Glad to hear things are under control. Take care and good luck Randy.

We take our health for granted, sometimes to the point we think we are immortal when things are going well. Don't take anything for granted..... and we are not immortal.....

Randy is one of the "very few" good ones in the industry. Best wishes

From: Scar Finga

Prayers for you and your family! I truly enjoy your videos and I always like your dedication, drive, and honesty... even when you miss or make a mistake!

God bless, and here is to many more years of R.N.


From: CurveBow
I too appreciate Randy's hard work for all of us on the Public Land front and enjoy his podcast & TV work. Here to hoping that all goes well with his clotting issue & others!

For all the "older folks" on this site, I'm 62 and live by the motto that I'm younger today than I will ever be again for the rest of my life! Never put anything in the old age bottle, better to die trying! :)


From: Thebeesknees
Your videos have been a joy to watch. I am unable to out and about because of health issues and this is the next best thing to being there. Thank you for taking me along with you and seeing the beautiful animals and land. You are a class act and all your friends and helpers are class acts as well. Makes the whole venture enjoyable.

From: RD in WI
I really appreciate Randy's efforts in helping people navigate western hunting. He has an article about DIY elk hunting for under $1000 that I have read twice. It is good, logical advice. Many thanks.

From: Sivart
Randy you are an inspiration. Love your content.

From: jordanathome
I am a big Randy fan. I prefer his videos over anyone else. He is humble. He is real. He is helpful. And he can relate through the lens like no one else I've watched.

Not to brown nose, just how I feel. Turning 50 in a few weeks and he is an inspiration. Finally had to give in and start bp meds, prolly looking at statins and omega 3's history of heart disease. But I will go until something blows because I love this crazy thing called western hunting, particularly for elk, turkey and deer.

Maybe someday before it is too late I'll get the bug to chase a billy or ram. If I do it will be Randy's fault. LOL!

Keep up the good work and take care of yourself old man!

From: nmwapiti
Another big Randy fan. Very genuine videos from a guy that still does the hard work himself. Hope he is still making great ones decades from now.

Thanks Randy!

Who’s Randy?!? ;-)

From: elkstabber
"Hunt when you can, you're gonna run out of health before you run out of money."

Thanks for doing all that you do Randy.

From: JL
^X3.....IMO there is alot of truth in that statement.

Best wishes !!!

From: Scar Finga
This is an older post, but I will say again... Prayers your way Randy!! You are an inspiration, a great bowhunting ambassador and a pleasure to watch and listen to... But you look way older than that!!!!! LOL :/

From: badbull
Any others see Randy on 60 minutes last night regarding Yellowstone wolves? I just sent him a PM thanking him for what he does for us.

From: jingalls
May God continue to bless you with quality of life and quality hunts!!!

From: StickFlicker
Yes, I enjoyed his "call them as you see them" comments on the show as well.

From: Abndoc
Wonder if the clip is online anywhere??

From: Abndoc

From: Royboy
I enjoy everything he does and he’s certainly a great ambassador for hunting. Thanks Randy

From: Huntcell
BIG FIN is the real deal. refreshing watching and listening to him on his hunts. His attitude and dialogue gives one the feeling your right there next to him during the highs and lows of his hunts. a must watch and listen to hunter.

keep on doing what you do so well. Thanks

....."you're gonna run out of health before you run out of money." Not exactly true........

...... have health and Time, not enough money....... I know hunters that have time for 20-30 hunts a year, big game hunts, not squirrels and rabbits, cash flow is the limiting factor not health.

Hmmmm! GoFundMe

From: Ironbow
I am 59, great health, but I have no money!

If any of you can't go anymore but still have money left, I will be happy to use it for you! ;-)

Randy is the real deal.

From: Trophyhill
Just watched one of his hunts with Bruce Pettit in NM. He shares a secret many of us know, but only few have the balls to do. Great hunt, and great bull for your friend Big Fin!

From: jeck66
They advertised that special wolf episode like it was a new piece... that was a replay from last year around this time. There was nothing new added to it.

From: Ambush
I shook his hand at the Sheep Show and he graciously pretended pretended to care! I felt kinda bad, because I hadn't washed my hands in about two weeks because of a weird skin infection on my palm.

ps: Randy, disease specialist at the Mayo is narrowing it down, so PM me if you start to feel like there's Mexican jumping beans trying to get out of your skin.

From: APauls
Dandy Randy > Rowdy Dowdy

Although that's not saying much. But I really appreciate Randy, and how genuine he comes across.

From: goelk
Thanks for all you do Randy and God willing keep hunting.

From: SteveB
Yep, thanks Randy for being’s refreshing. I can relate as turning 65 this year the mountains seem a bit steeper and the recovery time a little longer. We’re blessed to be able to do what we love regardless of our limitations. I’m sure I’ll be forced to slow down, but I don’t plan on quitting -ever.

From: smurph
Clicked the title and laughed! Forgot I started this topic a couple years ago. Turned fifty this year myself. Feeling real good, working hard not to lose my fitness level. Unfortunately, fewer of my hunting friends and family are keeping up. Feel like I might run out of hunting buddies before I expected! Still enjoying Randy's work too. Tim

From: Scoot
Smurph, do what I did-- get some younger hunting buddies! I've got two great hunting buddies who are close to a decade younger than me. Both are great guys and both are in excellent shape. I find the idea of falling behind them on a hunt motivating enough to keep my sorry butt in shape all year long.

From: joehunter
Wow, now I feel real old. Randy's 3 years younger than me!

From: Thornton
It was interesting to see Randy hunting one of my spots in Western Colorado once on YouTube. Always found your videos to he very helpful for the blue collar hunter Big Fin. Your condition can strike those in an otherwise very healthy state. I've only seen it a handful of times in my line of work. One guy was a marathon runner and developed blood clots all through his lungs.

From: Z Barebow
Scoot- That explains why you don't invite me hunting! Too old!

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