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Wyoming trophy antelope opportunity
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From: jims
I would like to throw out an offer to anyone that may have 7+ Wyoming antelope preference points and would like to join my buddy and I on a trophy Wyoming antelope hunt. I've been hunting a private 150,000+ acre ranch in the heart of B&C antelope country in Wyoming off and on for the past 15 years. Last year I hunted with several guys and we all harvested fantastic bucks. One gentleman was a long bow hunter. My buddy and I set up 4 waterhole blinds well in advance of the season. I've hunted Wyoming antelope since a kid and the waterholes on the ranch are fantastic. There are few other water sources available so it is a great option if you like to hunt with bow. There is also plenty of hilly country for spot and stalk. It's also a great place for rifle hunting. My buddy and I hunted with 2 rifle hunters that were amazed at the number and size of bucks they saw. From what I saw last year the bucks should be just as good or better this coming year. The size and number of mature bucks has been increasing with great fawn recruitment and moisture the past few years.

If this sounds interesting to you please pm me. I would be glad to send photos from past hunts and talk over details. There is a trespass fee associated with hunting the private ranch. We would be applying together as a party and averaging preference points. In exchange my buddy and I would set up blinds well in advance of the season, get you familiar with the ranch, and offer as much assistance as desired. This would be a great opportunity for trophy antelope on a very large ranch with literally no hunting pressure.

From: jims
If there is anyone that struck out in the Wyo elk draw that are interested in hunting trophy Wyo antelope this year let me know. I'd be glad to set you up on a great hunt!

From: wytex
Hey jims if you would post on another forum, Eastmans or On your Own adventures you'll get a response. Lots of guys looking for antelope hunting.

From: CPAhunter
There are 6,675 people with 7 or more antelope points - the highest pool is 11 points. I skimmed the pref points report and there's only a couple of units that took 8 points for a guaranteed tag. I understand why people accumulate elk and other species (I'm at 9 elk points, 2 below max pool). But, why do people accumulate antelope points so long for a species that you can get a choice unit every few years? Is it to get in on deals like this to split your points with someone when an opportunity arises?

From: Bake
As someone with 7 points, I'll try to answer CPAhunter's question. . . I don't have time to antelope hunt . . .

I'm just waiting for that year when it all works to cash them in. I'd like to do a WY antelope hunt, I just have to figure a year where I can fit it in, and schedule it.

From: t-roy
Bake nailed it for me too, kind of. Our group is building points so we can draw a premier unit when we're all ready to go at the same time. Always seems like one or more of us has another hunt/hunts planned for something else. It's gonna happen in the next 2-3 years though.

From: WapitiBob
Several inches and hundreds of animals difference between an 11 point unit and a 3 point unit.

From: jims
The tougher draw units generally have more public land, better trophy potential, and less hunting pressure. Easier draw units generally have more private land or public land that hand out a lot of tags and have less quality bucks.

Jims, when you say trophy, what are you referring to? 76+ ? I have max and Bake answered the point question perfectly

There was a guy a couple years ago that was asking what to do with his 20 AZ Javelina points.

From: jims
Last year was an incredible year. There were 5 of us that applied together. We got the following bucks....78, 79, 80, 82, and 83 B&C. The 80" buck a gentleman shot at around 15 yards with a long bow from a blind. I helped everyone else in our party that drew get bucks on the ranch before I hunted. My buddy spoke to the ranch manager and he said last year was the best the ranch has done for years. There were 12 B&C bucks (80+") off the ranch last year that he knew about. That is pretty incredible because I doubt if there were more than 15-20ish total hunters on the ranch. We passed up a lot of 77+" bucks last year and with the winter how it's been I'm guessing it will be just as good or better this coming season. If you have 7+ pts and are seriously interested I can send you a bunch of photos of bucks we harvested last year and year's past. I know for a fact it is just as good as pretty much anywhere in Wyo for antelope trophy quality. I'm a little shocked that I haven't had any takers. I'm pretty fanatical about Wyo antelope but trophy antelope don't seem to be on many guys bucket lists? A lot of guys that have contacted me have said they have made other plans or are hoping to draw elk or other tags. If you want a trophy antelope this year would be a great year to do it. If there is a year with lots of winterkill it will likely take time for the quality to get to where it is right now. Other regions in Wyo are having some winterkill but not on the ranch. Let me know if you are interested. I know for a fact you won't be disappointed! The guys that applied and hunted with me last year were thrilled.

From: Treeline
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