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From: BB

BB's embedded Photo
BB's embedded Photo
I wish all you turkeys and or turkey hunters a great season!

Have a great bow hunt. BB

From: PECO
Thanks, you too!

From: Scoot
Right back at you Bill!

From: Bullhound
Hey it's BB!!! Great looking photo as usual!!!

From: Jaquomo
Thanks, Bill! That reminds me of some nights in college....

Hope things are well on your end and that your health is hanging in there.


Lol, Lou...Yes they are!

From: Brotsky
You too Bill! Good to see you on Bowsite. Wishing you the best!

From: midwest
Thanks for dropping by Buglin Billy!

From: drycreek
Great photo ( as usual ) BB ! I hope I get to turkey hunt this year. Love it !

From: BB

BB's embedded Photo
BB's embedded Photo
Doing great Lou considering I just had my 76th birthday. My time goes fast when one is having fun!

My suggestion to a good long life is to have a great passion ( like bowhunting or photography ) that keeps you excited about life and wants you to keep in condition so you can do the things you love!

And of course, take care of your body. No smoking and if you quit! Drink only in moderation, and stay away from the drugs. I let my passion (wildlife photography) give me my highs!

I can only hope the rest of you can be as happy as I am at my age! Life and love have been good to me.

And hello to all friends here on the Bowsite!

Have a great bow hunt! BB

From: Duke
Great photos, BB! Sounds like you are doing awesome. You also have a great mantra as to life. Keep it up. -Luke

From: Huntcell
Huh! 76? It was some time ago when you popularized the very effective frontal shot and thus the wooly mammoths went extinct!

From: pav
Great to see you on Bowsite Bill!

Happy belated birthday!

From: PA-R
I am right there with you on the age, 77 in June, have the same passions, just can seem to get enough of it, still farming, love being outdoors, keep on keeping on. Peter

From: Bowfreak
I love to see Bill posting. One of the nicest men you will ever meet and a great ambassador for bowhunting. He's also not too shabby at guttin' horses.

From: jims
It's always exciting to view your great photos BB! Keep them coming for all to enjoy!

Excellent advice and thank you......


Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo
Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo
Thanks for checking in!!!!

From: Timbrhuntr

Timbrhuntr's embedded Photo
Timbrhuntr's embedded Photo
Cool pic. Only seen that once while hunting in Texas. A flock crossed a big pasture and one tom and 3 hens split and stayed out in the middle. I wondered why until one after one each hen in turn squatted for the big tom while the other two watched. I killed him an hour later !!

From: Mark Watkins
Great pics as always Bill!! It's a great time of the year!

Keep 'em rolling!!


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