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Wyo Moose Unit 20
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I went all in on 20 and based on last year's pref points have a good opportunity to draw moose this year. I'm looking for anyone that could give me some heads up in this area.. Of course the cart of before the horse here but I'm a little excited and being a tax accountant (working 90 hours a week right now) I'm dreaming. Anyone know anything about this unit?

thanks, Danny

From: Mad Trapper
Hey Dan How many points are you using? Good luck and keep us posted. I am sitting on 17 and will buy another one this year.

I'm using 17. I fretted over and over for all the units from 27,024, 26, 4, you name it but went with 20

From: Zim1
I did unit 20 in 2011. Got a small bull late in the hunt. It was overall a pretty dismal hunt despite putting in many miles, but I did a combo hunt that year and was flying solo so scouting was not possible. I had absolutely no problem finding wolves. They were everywhere. I met an outfitter at the meat processor in Jackson who's client struck out on that hunt. The folks there laughed when they learned a guy from Chicago ended up guiding two locals to punch their cow tag while I was waiting for my moose. Had two days to kill. Yes they scored where I took them. Only because by the end of that hunt Id covered a lot of ground. Afterwards I regretted not burning my points in 26. Busy now but I'll pull my maps if you draw. I have three specific spots you should try, and I think you should be able to score.

zim...thank you for the heads up. I know it will be a tougher hunt if I draw but will give it hell.


From: Franzen
I've seen moose in 20 before, but it's been several years since I've been in there. That's all I got. No problem telling you exactly where I saw them if that is worth anything to you.

Beautiful country!


I bow elk in the overlap elk unit 85 now and then over the years.

If ya draw feel free to reach out for sure.

Good luck, Robb


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