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Looking 4 a father/daughter 2018 bear h
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doug77 02-Mar-17
lineman21 02-Mar-17
TSI 02-Mar-17
TSI 02-Mar-17
Brotsky 03-Mar-17
Fuzzy 03-Mar-17
grape 03-Mar-17
Ibow 03-Mar-17
Forest bows 03-Mar-17
TSI 03-Mar-17
SBH 06-Mar-17
Bear Track 08-Mar-17
From: doug77
Wanting to take my daughter she will be 17 on a bear hunt in the spring of 2018. Prefer Manitoba but the not etched in stone. Anyone have a good lead, I would want to sit with her and prefer no more than a 15 yard shot. Thanks doug77

From: lineman21
Adrenaline Outfitters. I had a blast there and they offer 1/2 price youth hunts. Good fishing too!

From: TSI

From: TSI
Right next door is Ontario Pine Acres

From: Brotsky
Desjardin's, Bear Track, or Outland Outfitting. All outstanding Manitoba bear outfits and Bowsite sponsors.

From: Fuzzy
Victoria Outfitters in Newfoundland, beautiful, remote, excellent accomodations, high success rates and great fishing

From: grape
Desjardins ...Love to talk Bears 920-846-3961

From: Ibow
Desjardins. Perfect environment for a Father/Daughter hunt. And lots of bears to!

From: Forest bows
Rob Nye would be a great choice.

From: TSI
Any of the sponsors mentioned are sure bets for a great experience with lots of experience to vouch for any of them above without hesitation.

From: SBH
That's awesome Doug. Let us know what you decide and keep us posted on your hunt. You gotta feel good coming into this with multiple options from guys who know what they are talking about and will vouch for other outfitters. Very cool.

From: Bear Track

Bear Track's Link
We sharpen our pencils pretty sharp with family discounts. A few on here have brought their children and wives a few times.

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