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Esnagi Lake - Moose hunt
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yooper89 04-Mar-17
Timbrhuntr 04-Mar-17
yooper89 06-Mar-17
From: yooper89
Big shot in the dark here - but has anybody done a moose hunt out of Esnagi Lake in Northern Ontario? I've fished up there every year for the past decade or so, but recently have put some thought into doing a moose hunt. Curious if anybody has any experience with them.

From: Timbrhuntr
I have never hunted with them but moose hunted for years in the 80/90's on Oba lake which is just east of Esnagi lake. Lots of moose up there then. Occassionally we would run into other hunters and they would ask if we had flown in. We told them no lots of rivers and logging roads to access the area. They thought they were in a remote fly-in area with no other hunters around ! Still was a great area to hunt though we took many moose there a couple in the 60 inch class.

From: yooper89
Awesome. Thank you!

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