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Salagi 04-Mar-17
midwest 05-Mar-17
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writer 06-Mar-17
Brotsky 06-Mar-17
jrhurn 06-Mar-17
Ermine 06-Mar-17
t-roy 06-Mar-17
drycreek 06-Mar-17
Paul@thefort 06-Mar-17
smarba 06-Mar-17
Genesis 06-Mar-17
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Brotsky 06-Mar-17
'Ike' (Phone) 07-Mar-17
Ermine 07-Mar-17
Backpack Hunter 07-Mar-17
From: Salagi

Salagi's Link
Maybe they think they're turkey...buzzards. ;)

From: midwest
Lord knows what goes on inside that pea sized brain of theirs! lol

From: nchunter
I just saw a primos dead cat decoy at walmart

From: writer
Turkeys follow the one in front of them. I've had gobbler flocks, maybe up to 18-20 birds circle tight to a decoy in December and January, before. They aren't very bright, they're very wary sometimes. LOL at the cat decoy reference.

From: Brotsky
Somehow, somewhere, TBM is behind this. Next level thinking for sure.

I always say turkeys are the smartest dumb bird on the planet. We have a flock of about 15 toms that live at our archery range. Every year from about now until June, if you have a chrome bumper on your pickup it will be savagely attacked in the parking lot. They see their reflection in the chrome and wonder who that good looking SOB is that is here to steal their hens and it's game on. The kids and I have a good laugh watching them savagely beat themselves in a bumper reflection.

From: jrhurn
While Turkeys are not all that smart, they sure have humbled me on a number of occasions. That doesn't speak well of my intelligence, I guess.

I agree with Writer....They definitely "follow the leader" quite often. Usually when they are hung up, if I can get the "ring leader" to break things get exciting, where they all come running with beards a swinging.


From: Ermine
They are pretty intersting critters. Obviously interested in things out of the "norm"

From: t-roy
Might just be paying their respects.

From: drycreek
I'm with midwest, who knows ? I'm convinced that turkeys don't know what they're doing even after they've done it. That said, they've made a monkey out of me several times, so what do I know ?

From: Paul@thefort

Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Hey, give me a break!

From: smarba
I saw an interesting documentary years ago about a guy who raised wild turkeys from eggs and they bonded to him as their mom. He basically led/followed them around and taught them how to survive in the wild and eventually they left and went wild again.

One of many interesting things he apparently noted was that they were very aware of changes in their surroundings; like when they found a tree limb had fallen across a trail or some other change in what their memory of the area was, they became very agitated, nervous, and spent a lot of time studying the change. Maybe something like that is going on here.

From: Genesis
All the smart ones moved to Alabama

From: CurveBow
Dang, TBM wold know why! ;)

I go along with the "follow the leader" theory.....


From: Brotsky
smarba, I watched that same documentary. It was extremely interesting and enlightening on turkey behaviors!

Turkey, Vulture....Same, same! Lol

From: Ermine
Yea my life as a wild turkey was a great show. Super intersting. I remember the part where they noticed trees that had been cut etc. I think that is the same thing going on here. "Out of the norm" thing they came across

I haven't seen the documentary, but if they can notice a tree that had been cut how do they not seem to notice a new pop up blind in the middle of "their" field?

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