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What can a 50 yr old accomplish?
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bowcrazyJRHCO 06-Mar-17
bowcrazyJRHCO 06-Mar-17
bowcrazyJRHCO 06-Mar-17
bowcrazyJRHCO 06-Mar-17
midwest 06-Mar-17
GhostBird 06-Mar-17
Brotsky 06-Mar-17
t-roy 06-Mar-17
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bowcrazyJRHCO 06-Mar-17
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SBH 06-Mar-17
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willliamtell 08-Mar-17
Paul@thefort 08-Mar-17

bowcrazyJRHCO's embedded Photo
bowcrazyJRHCO's embedded Photo
Paul@thefort has a birthday tomorrow, Tuesday. I met him 4 years ago while elk hunting, I was 3 miles up a mountain and along comes this mountain man - Paul had a loaded pack and was pulling his one wheeled cart -hard to tell how many pounds he was carrying. At age 49, I had just moved to Colorado and figured my elk hunting seasons were numbered. Paul, 25 years older than me, told his story of achieving the Colorado "Big 8" after he was well past age 50. Inspiring to say the least, that encounter motivates me every year to stay in shape and keep hunting for another 30 years - Happy Birthday Paul !


bowcrazyJRHCO's embedded Photo
bowcrazyJRHCO's embedded Photo
Paul - great stories and pictures. I've appreciate your stories. Happy Birthday


bowcrazyJRHCO's embedded Photo
bowcrazyJRHCO's embedded Photo
Turkey hunted with Paul one year. Showed me that if I say in shape, I can hunt well past 50.

Any stories from others of encounters that changed their outlook on what is possible after 50?

From: midwest
Paul is a stud and an inspiration to all us old farts! Have a great birthday tomorrow, Paul!

From: GhostBird
Happy birthday Paul.

From: Brotsky
Happy birthday Paul! You give us all something to shoot for! Enjoy your day!

From: t-roy
Have a great birthday Paul...!!!

From: Keef
Hope you enjoy your day - Happy Birthday.

From: Scar Finga
HBD Paul, I hope you have a great and blessed day!


From: pav
Happy Birthday Paul!

From: drycreek
Happy Birthday Paul ! I'll be 70 the 12th, just a few days from now. I don't think I could have kept up with you when I was 60.........

Went to Frank Noska's 50th birthday party this past Saturday, I guess for an old man he still does OK.

EVERY picture that Paul posts inspires me to hunt more!! Thank you sir..You are a badass....

From: Rickm
Happy birthday Paul.

From: lewis
Happy birthday Paul keep on keepin on Lewis

From: elkmtngear
Happy Birthday, Paul...keep hammerin'

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: Carcajou
Happy Birthday Paul, Rock On!

From: Paul@thefort
Well, thank you guys very much as you made my day (tomorrow the 7th) for sure. SEVENTY SEVEN is just a number; it is what is in your heart that drives your passion that really counts. How bad and how long do you want that fire inside glowing strong?

You guys are the best. Paul

From: greg simon
Happy birthday tomorrow Paul. Always enjoy your excellent and inspiring stories and pictures. You are a great example for others to follow!!!

From: Timbrhuntr
Dang man good for you and happy birthday.

Lucky 7's! Enjoy!

I remember in my 20's/30's reading Fred Bear hunt stories where he did many of them in his 50's and 60's. I thought that was old:)

Silly me!

From: Treeline
Happy Early Birthday, Paul!

You have plenty of time to get another BIG 8 with a recurve! Go get 'em!

Happy birthday Paul, you're an inspiration!

From: badbull
Not only an inspiration to me but full of helpful and useful information. When he posts I read and appreciate. Wishing you a respectful happy birthday!......badbull

From: brianhood
Happy birthday paul. HOPE you are hunting many many more birthdays. ALWAYS enjoy reading your posts.

From: Scooby-doo
Happy Birthday and many more!! I am north of 50 for the last couple years and I hope to do as well as Paul has done!! Scooby

From: TD
Actually 777 has a better ring to it than 666...... =D

Merry b-day Paul! I wanna be you when I grow up!

I was in terrible shape when I hit 40, thinking as I did when in my 20s and early 30s and in great shape that my physical condition would always be there. Did a hunt at 40 that just kicked my azz. It was bad..... embarrassing.... and a real eye opener. I swore to be in better shape at 50 than I was at 40. Hit 50 miles ahead of what 40 was. Now 60 is still far far better than 40 was, I think I'm pretty close to where that 50 guy was, but have to stay on it, more and more. It's certainly a lifestyle thing. A mental thing.... however one looks at "mental"...

Bowhunting, my passion, is what drives me. (drives Coach too, but more along the lines of crazy I think....) I have more things on my "gotta do" list than at any other point in my life. But must not really "have a life" as without it I don't know what I would (will) do.

Guess "we all got it comin' to us kid...." but it will have to be kickin' and screaming.....

TD-Since Paul turned me onto Bowsite , it is amazing to read what you guys hunt and how extreme you hunt at 50 and beyond. Very motivational. Treeline - your recent story was incredible. Not sure what age you were at the time, but the demands of that hunt were awesome! You mental toughness was unreal.

From: otcWill
Happy birthday buddy! Hope the next one is the best one!!

From: Glunt@work
Happy birthday Paul! I'm not going to make a big deal about being a hunting machine at a certain age because knowing you, the right thread to talk about that is long ways off in the future.

From: Mark Watkins
Happy birthday Paul!!

Your are an inspiration to thousands!!

Thank you!!


Have a Happy Birthday tomorrow Paul.

From: Kurt
Paul, have a great 77th on the 7th in '17. Lucky as a 7? Should be a great year for you!

From: Jaquomo
Geez, Paul, last week you didn't look a day over 76!

Have a great one and keep on truckin' as an inspiration to us all!


From: bulldancer
Happy birthday Paul, I love your stories and pictures. Hope I can still hunt at 77.

From: Shrewski
Had the pleasure of sharing a turkey camp with Paul once. He is definitely an inspiration and a heck of a good guy. Happy Birthday Paul and many more.

From: razorhead
I have never met Paul, I follow him on the computer, when the power allows it,,,,at 67 I give it my all, life is short, go for it ........ I go out west, but am very glad to come back to the UP, I find the west, too crowded, unless you are hunting.......

as for the young guys, no one is going to give it to you, you have to take it

From: Tim M
Happy Birthday. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday!! Always enjoy your adventures! Have a great day. Hunt

From: Woodsmaster
Happy birthday sir!!

I only know Paul through his posts here. I am impressed with his hunting accomplishments as well as the respectful manner in which he always conducts himself.

Happy Birthday sir!

From: Native Okie
Best wishes my friend! Happy Birthday!

From: SBH
Best of wishes to you Paul. Appreciate your tales and input. Keep at it!

From: kota-man
Happy Day Paul...

From: Drahthaar
Happy Birthday Paul. Forrest

Thanks for everything over the many years Paul.

From the Lodge days to the present

Happy Birthday

Good luck, Robb

From: Fitzbow
Have A Great DAY Paul. Gerald

From: herdbulll
Happy Birthday Paul!!

From: cnelk
Happy Birthday buddy!

I got your phone message about having another get together at my place. Lets send out the call and rally the troops!

One of my favorite Bowsiters. Happy Bday Paul

From: Medicinemann
Happy Birthday Paul!!!

From: Duke
Paul- Happy Birthday from the crew over here in Wisconsin!

Cheers, Luke

Happy Birthday Paul! Wishing you many more!

From: Bullhound
the one and only person that I try to read thouroughly every post he presents.

Happy Birthday sir, and best wishes for a bunch more!

From: Turk
Happy Birthday Paul! Thanks for all of the positive inspiration that you have been for so many of us!

From: yooper89
Happy birthday, Paul! Thank you for all the stories, comments and photos you provide to us on this site!

Happy BDay buddy, to many more....??

From: kellyharris
Happy birthday Paul I hope it's a good one

From: Bob
Happy birthday Paul, always enjoy your adventures !

From: JohnB
Happy birthday Paul!!!!

From: buzz mc
Happy belated birthday.

From: Swampy
From one old coot to another , Happy Birthday and may you enjoy hunting to the end .

From: boothill
Happy birthday Paul...

From: willliamtell
So when do we get the story of Paul's life in print? You know, starting from the 'raised by wolves' beginning? There's a lot to learn from that. Congratulations! If I keep going strong for another couple decades (at least) it will be in no small part to the inspiration you and others of your ilk provide.

From: Paul@thefort

Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Hey Ben, "Once upon a time in the far north country, the buzzard creek wolf pack had just added four new arrivals to their pack; three female pups and one male pup. The alpha male sized up the new pups but his sharp eyes focused on the male pup. Something special about this new born. He didn't exactly look like the other pups as he was taller, longer, and with no tail at all.........................................................Something strange going on here, the Alpha male thought. Time will tell."

my best, Paul

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