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ground blind chair
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From: hitmanonmac
Hey guys, Since I had the good fortune of getting two of my chairs and a blind stolen. I am looking for a couple new chairs and since I am getting old and have a bad back, I need something comfortable. Thanks in advance

From: Buckiller

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This should help

From: Buck Watcher

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How portable? If you set up a blind for the season or few days I made some that I like. Comfortable and swivel.

From: drycreek
If you don't have to carry it a long way, and you like comfort, check out the Cabelas Comfort Max 360. There is a picture of it on the thread referenced in Buckiller's link. I have three of them and I love them !

I have the same as dry Creek ...Only complaint is weight,,but i doubt it would e as comfortable if it where toothpick light...jmo

From: Bowfreak
Most functional and affordable chair I have found in the Rack Pack. Yes there are more comfortable chairs but you will pay a lot and the functionality of the Rack Pack is hard to beat.

From: hitmanonmac
Okay, I like the huntmore chair, but can't find one. Am I missing something, or does someone know where to get one?

From: r-man
I like the Beardbuster glassing chair style , or any low to the ground one , I also have several simple foam pads that are great for kneeling . I stay away from the nut buster 3 legs ones for obvious reasons. But I have to have a back rest

From: t-roy
I'm not sure huntmore is still in business. Take a look at Millennium blind chairs. I really like mine.

From: Jaquomo
I've been happy with the Cabelas Magnum 3-legged one for a Double Bull. Only beef is that the legs aren't adjustable for uneven ground, but other than that it's packable,

From: beemann
The huntmore company is for sale and they are out of stock and have been for awhile I have been buying them used lately. There is one over on tradgang for sale now.

From: hitmanonmac
Thanks guys

From: olivethomas
Hi, I went through your article and came to know that you are looking for chairs. My father is also suffering from back pain he use to sit on couch whole time. One day his friend asked him to check the online office furniture store from where he got his chair because office chairs are more comfortable. My father then ordered used Segmented chair and is happy.

From: Rockbass
If you want the best, most comfortable and lightest in it's class but is very expensive ($200) check out the Milennium ground blind chair G-100. Maybe a little too comfortable if you are tired!

From: Bentstick81

From: Pope125
I have two Huntmore chairs I will sell if anyone is interested .

I have both the huntmore chair and the millennium . When I first got the huntmore I couldn't imagine a better chair for hunting in blinds until it started creaking eveytime I shifted my weight . I now have the 2nd year on the millennium and it has never made a sound and is super comfortable !

From: wacem
I found the RedNeck blind chair to be adjustable and comfortable.

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