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Cull hunt -!8 Imp,5 pig, 1 Nyala .......
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daretobowhunt 11-Mar-17
MedicineMan 14-Mar-17
ChipT 14-Mar-17
Genesis 14-Mar-17
Bou'bound 14-Mar-17
LINK 14-Mar-17
ChipT 14-Mar-17
kota-man 14-Mar-17
Zebrakiller 14-Mar-17
This is a 5 day hunt only, 18 Impala, 5 Warthog,1 Nyala, all animals are Male, NO FEMALE, and 80% would be good to put on the wall, but I don't call them trophies. Reason for cull: to many male to female ratio, all meat will be processed and sold on market to recover cost. Lots will be used in camp as part of daily meals. This is for 3 hunters, any less hunters and you will not be able to take them all in amount of days. $4500 covering all 3 hunters, NO HIDDEN cost. Please email for more info:

From: MedicineMan
Someone needs to jump on this deal! Incredible place ran by even better folks!

I'd be on a plane tomorrow if I could swing it, but I don't think the wife would be happy with me being gone and us expecting our first child soon!

From: ChipT
Quite a surprise in your above post. Congrats to both of you!!!!!

From: Genesis
Congrats Mr. Butts!!!!! Nothing better!

From: Bou'bound
not that medicineman

From: LINK
I think there's two medicine men or at least I hope so for Jakes sake.

From: ChipT
U are right bou, it is not Jake.

From: kota-man
That isn't the "real" MedicineMan" Jake. I think this guy changed his handle, but it isn't taking...Back to topic...This is a sweet deal and would be a ton of fun to do with a couple buddies.

From: Zebrakiller
if I wasnt already going I think I would jump

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