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Conne River Outfitters?
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NYRON 14-Mar-17
Trial153 14-Mar-17
swampbowman 14-Mar-17
NYRON 15-Mar-17
bigeasygator 15-Mar-17
Have any of you had recent experience with Conne River Outfitters in Newfoundland? The reviews on Bowsite are great, but most of them are from just two people, including Bowsite’s own Charlie Rehor. I was just about to send my deposit to Conne for a 2017 moose hunt when I heard from another hunter who had a bad experience with them, so I’m just trying to determine if this was an isolated case or if there are larger problems.

From: Trial153
There was a couple of threads on them late last year. A search should find them easy enough. Seems like the reviews where very mixed.

From: swampbowman
I know a couple guys who've been going for the last 3 or 4 years to Dollard Pond with Conn River and highly recommend them.They have gotten moose or at least had shots every year. I was looking at them last year but was too late in planing my trip and hunted with another NF outfitter. One of the two guys I know got a nice bull and the other had several close stalks but didn't get the shot he needed.I got a bull and had a great trip with my outfitter also. I heard mixed reviews about all the outfitters I looked at. Everybody has different expectations and different skill and fitness levels so many outfitters who are doing a good job still get some shabby reviews. Bowhunting moose isn't a sure thing and if you HAVE to kill a moose take a rifle.I'd be pretty confident going with any of the outfitters with a long history of decent reviews like Conn .

Thanks for your responses. It sounds like Conne is generally a good outfit. Every outfitter can have an "off day."

From: bigeasygator

I posted a recap of my hunt with Conne River last year here on bowsite. Should be pretty easy to find in the moose forum. I'm happy to chat more about things. Feel free to PM me.

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