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Help with Safari advertising
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Jasper 16-Mar-17
wild1 16-Mar-17
Overland 16-Mar-17
Charlie Rehor 16-Mar-17
Jasper 17-Mar-17
wcbarker 29-Mar-17
From: Jasper
I've become good friends with the game manager of a South African Safari where I hunted in 2015. He runs an awesome outfit. He traveled to Austin, Texas last month for a Wildlife Expo (his first time to the U.S.) where he was hoping to meet potential clients and spread the word on his business. He was disappointed in the show and how things went and has asked for my help in figuring out the best way for him to advertise here in the U.S. He's not opposed to coming back to shows or even hopping around different cities and hosting house parties for clients. Buying advertising on websites, magazine ads, etc., etc. are all on the table. I don't personally know his best route but told him I'd do a little research for him. Thoughts/opinions/recommendations are appreciated! Have a blessed day! John

From: wild1
Tell him to advertise here on Bowsite. Make sure he gives his new clients the best possible hunting adventure, because the next best thing is word-of-mouth (on hunting forums). Some of the higher end hunting operation advertise in high-end hunting journals/magazines. If it were me, I would slash my rates/cost to get new clients, and to get the ball rolling, then I'd give my new clients an absolutely unforgettable hunting experience (word-of-mouth) and at the same time, advertise all over hunting forums.

From: Overland
Is he strictly bow-only, or firearms as well?

Media kit sent!

From: Jasper
Thanks guys! Charlie, I'll send him the kit. He is gun and bow as well. He hired a bow hunting consultant to come in 2 years ago to help them improve their facilities to cater to bow hunters

From: wcbarker
whats the outfits name I may go there been to Africa 3 times now looking to go again

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