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What's your go to diaphragm?
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Dyjack 18-Mar-17
Rocky D 18-Mar-17
tobinsghost 18-Mar-17
HUNT MAN 18-Mar-17
EmbryOklahoma 18-Mar-17
Timbrhuntr 18-Mar-17
t-roy 18-Mar-17
longbeard 18-Mar-17
buzz mc 18-Mar-17
writer 18-Mar-17
Ben 18-Mar-17
kadbow 18-Mar-17
Colo_Lee 18-Mar-17
Killbuck 19-Mar-17
IKE220 19-Mar-17
jims 19-Mar-17
bradbear 19-Mar-17
JayD 20-Mar-17
Spyder 34 20-Mar-17
Jhogston 21-Mar-17
jims 21-Mar-17
JohnB 22-Mar-17
Full Rut 29-Mar-17
Mad Trapper 29-Mar-17
Matt Palmquist 29-Mar-17
Old Reb 29-Mar-17
grindersonly 31-Mar-17
KY EyeBow 31-Mar-17
Bulls & Bucks 31-Mar-17
From: Dyjack
I'm sure these topic gets brought up every season, but there's always new calls coming out!

Ive tried a few calls and always end up going back to the primos blue ghost cut. Just easy to use and hard to mess up for me.

Recently picked up a rippin' red call from phelps, so I'm going to try that out this year as well.

What's your favorite turkey diaphragm?

From: Rocky D
Tom teasers, Zink, Woodhaven

From: tobinsghost

tobinsghost's embedded Photo
tobinsghost's embedded Photo
Just bought a Zink diaphragm the other day! I'll let you know in a few weeks. Sounds great in the truck tho while driving to jobs.

Tom teasers!!! Best I have ever used!

Diamond cutter or raspy old hen.

From: Timbrhuntr
Last year used a ghost cut from Natural Addiction Turkey Calls and loved it both spring and fall !

From: t-roy
Lohman model 820. Unfortunately they haven't been made in bajillion years.

From: longbeard
t-roy I'm in the same boat as you. I used to run a 3 reed split v cut made by Knight and Hale that they don't make anymore. I buy 5 - 10 new calls every spring hoping/trying to find the one that is just right!

From: buzz mc
Quaker Boy Mini Mag V Cut. It sucks that it only comes in a combo pack, but I have a narrow palate and love the sound of this. I just throw the other 3 calls away. It's helped to kill a bunch of birds for me.

From: writer
A yellow one. Two reeds, and a piece of another, I think...

T- Roy, know what you mean on the 820. 836 sounds familiar, too.

H.S. used to make one I really liked, It was so high pitched it got turkeys to gobble and the porch lights turned on at the farm house a half-mile down the road. It was basically a light 2 1/2 reed call.

From: Ben
Zink and Woodhaven

From: kadbow
I am with Ben, Zink and Woodhaven for me too.

From: Colo_Lee
Cheapest ones I can find they work for me

From: Killbuck
Pittman Black Diamond.

From: IKE220
Primos Tru Double 2

From: jims
I use a fairly large selection of Woodhaven diaphragm calls. They seem to hold up pretty well. Some are definitely raspier than others. I like having 2 diaphragms in my pocket. One that is super raspy for when it is windy and I need to call fairly loud. The 2nd hardly takes any air to produce hen clucks and purrs....for more subtle calling. It's pretty nice to have a couple different ones to change things up so the toms/hens don't get board and head the opposite direction.

From: bradbear
Hooks. Little smaller size that I like, sound great, last great.

From: JayD
Denny Gulvas calls are the best I have ever used.

From: Spyder 34
Extreme hen by Hardy's custom calls

From: Jhogston
Cane Creek "Mr. Death" check them out if you haven't heard of them. You can listen to each call on their website.

From: jims
A tip in regard to diaphragms. I have a narrow mouth so have to trim all my calls to fit my mouth. Once I got the size that fits my mouth I use the trimmed call to trace the outline on my new ones. Then trim with scissors.

From: JohnB
Lohman 835 yep, a billion years!

From: Full Rut
I like to try some new calls every year . I do like a raspier sounding diaphram.

From: Mad Trapper
Madd shipwreck

I am also a fan of the MAD shipwreck and other MAD diaphragm calls but can't always find them. I ordered the 6 pack of different turkey calls the other day from Phelps Game Calls. All of them sound great and are easy to use. I plan to run them this spring and decide which version sounds the best.


From: Old Reb
Quaker Boy World Champ and Beginners Double.

From: grindersonly
Zink and Woodhaven

From: KY EyeBow
Knight and Hale "Harold's Favorite Four" variety pack. I liked all within the set except for the standard 2 reed. I think they are out of production now though on those specific calls though...................

Quaker boy screaming green jagged edge ore hackeling hen but good luck finding them

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