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Maine bear hunting
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Lone Wolf 22-Mar-17
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From: Lone Wolf
Any suggestions on a good place to hunt? I am planning a hunt with a friend and our wives may attend. The wives will not be hunting. Any suggestions on a good outfitter would be appreciated. Thanks.

From: spike buck
Brandon Bishop, a registered Maine guide just bought FOGGY MOUNTAIN guide service In 2016. He had been a guide there for 5 years. Wayne, of Foggy Mountain died last year. Wayne handed over the reigns to Brandon before his passing.

I`m happy to see young blood getting into the Bear Buisiness!!

1-207-564-3404 is his number.

From: Lone Wolf
Thanks for the information.

Any other suggestions?

From: spike78
Allagash guide service

From: muzzy

muzzy's embedded Photo
muzzy's embedded Photo
I'm sledding up here now and asked the locals about bear hunting and nothing but good things said about this guide.

From: Old Reb
I am also interested in Maine bear hunting. I have already hunted bear over bait up in Quebec in the late 90's. Me and my son would like to to hunt with hounds this time. Any suggestions on good outfitters with hounds?

From: elite 78
Matagamon wilderness hunts best bang for the buck cabins hiking fishing site seeing and great food lots for the Mrs to do

From: Mcadam
Go a little further to new brunswick if possible

From: SO467
Give Phill Allen a call 207 615 2691 he has an outfitting business in portage Maine. We rent a cabin on the lake for the wives and do our own cooking. Great guides and nice bears my best bear there is 408lbs then a 350lb.

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