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S.W. South Dakota pronghorn hunt?
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rershooter 20-Mar-17
rooster 21-Mar-17
Scooby-doo 21-Mar-17
From: rershooter
I want to do a pronghorn archery hunt. I'm looking at south western South Dakota public land. I've never hunted pronghorns. What I'm looking for is general tips, tactics, things to do or don't do. Any info on the area, or best times to go. I am really comfortable shooting out to 60 yards and 80 if I'm feeling good and the conditions are perfect. The only thing I can control now is my shooting skills. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

From: rooster
I hunted NW South Dakota a few years back. Although that was an outfitted hunt, we passed lots of walk in ground on the way in. We were in the Buffalo area, and saw goats on the walk in ground.

From: Scooby-doo
I would think it is best not to worry about long range bombing and worry about getting as close as possible. Scooby

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