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Suggestion on a solo Mule Deer hunt?
Mule Deer
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Treeline 21-Mar-17
LKH 21-Mar-17
Looking for suggestions or advice on a place with a great opportunity for an archery mule deer or antelope/deer combo hunt in September. I will be driving from Ohio by myself so would like to keep in around Nebraska or the Dakota's due to drive time. I am willing to do it DIY, pay a trespass fee, or go through an outfitter. Anyone have experiences they enjoyed or recommendations on outfitters for an archery guy? Thanks!

From: Treeline
I don't hunt in those areas, but hear of some good mule deer coming out of western Nebraska. Antelope may be more difficult over there. Do a search for outfitters on-line for those areas. Also, you might want to take a look at public land options - although the options are a bit more limited in those states. Seems like they hit the deer pretty hard in Nebraska and it will be tough to find good deer hunting coming in cold without an outfitter. You might also run a check for deer and antelope on some of the Indian reservations.

A little further west in Wyoming would be a better bet - especially for the combo. Look up Great resource for figuring out western hunting.

Colorado is hands down your best bet for mule deer, but a combination with antelope would be tough. Good luck!

From: LKH
Northeast WY has areas that would meet your dual species requirement, but the muleys aren't known to be monsters.

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