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turkey hunting in southeast montana
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full strut 25-Mar-17
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I'm wanting to hunt this spring in Montana. I've been doing some research on the Custer National Forest in Carter, Powder River, and Rosebud counties. Wondering if there's a good population of birds there and how much hunting pressure it gets, and general starting points, not looking for exact locations of everyone's hunting spots. Or if anyone knows a rancher or have family with private property that allows hunting on it, I'm willing to pay a reasonable trespass fee. There will be 4 of us coming out to hunt, me, my dad, my dads best friend, and my best friend, we will be hunting in groups of 2 not individually and will be using shotguns. Or if someone is looking for a new state to hunt, southwest Indiana, and wants to trade hunts, my family owns a couple hundred acres of private property and me and my dad have special hunting permits that gives us access to thousands of acres of privately owned coal company land that surrounds my families land. The offer is good for you to come hunt turkey, deer or both. We have good numbers of both animals, but I will say this, we don't have big mature bucks hiding behind every tree like I see on t.v. or see some people advertising that they do, and I'm not guaranteeing that you'll kill one, but we have the land and more than enough mature deer and turkey to hunt on our properties. I can provide pictures of both deer and turkey that we've killed to back up what I'm saying if anyone is interested. Thanks for your time.

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PM sent.

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