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North Carolina outfitters?
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Too Many Bows Bob 25-Mar-17
Castle Oak 25-Mar-17
Backpack Hunter 25-Mar-17
Fuzzy 27-Mar-17
I have a buddy who is going to be in North Carolina this summer with his wife while she is taking a course. He was wondering if there were any outfitters that he could hunt pigs with. He was also asking about the public land pig hunting.



From: Castle Oak
Put out a feeler on the NC forum. Public land hunting is virtually non-existent. The NCWRC has been eradicating pigs from public land for years and they have been successful.

Public land pig hunting is rough. You can cover a lot of ground and never see a pig especially in western NC.

From: Fuzzy
Backpack Hunter is correct. I'd go to a pay to play place or else to a high population area. And even with a high density area, you need TIME.

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