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From: bowbender77
I am in the process of shopping for a Sonora Mexico Mule deer hunt and have an offer thru a consultant group called Outdoors International. There is one very sour outfitter review on them posted by a Bowsite member in the outfitter review section and I am wondering if anyone else has had any dealings with Outdoors International, pro or con. You could post or P.M. with any info. Thanks to everyone for your help.

From: Forest bows
Steven Ward is who I would go with!

From: kota-man
Yep...X3... Give Steven a call.

From: PAstringking
I would comment but the moderators would delete it

From: bowbender77
Hey Chris: I am the guy that made the original post about the Outdoors International group. I am all ears about any info that you can provide. Steve Ward does have Mule deer hunts in Mexico but not in Sonora where the Mue Grande bucks come from, like the 200"plus types, which is what i'm tring to get with. What ever you know I would like to learn and what ever that is.. my lips are sealed. Thx!

From: Huntguy1
I have had interaction with Outdoors International and they proved to be ineffective.

From: StickFlicker
Why do people go back and find a thread from two or three years ago and respond to it?

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