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Newfoundland Moose Outfitters
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From: delkslayr
I am in the process of trying to plan a moose hunting trip for a friends 40th birthday in the next couple of years. I have read on here that newfoundland is one of the more reasonably priced places to hunt moose. Neither of us would be hunting for book animals, just want a quality hunt. Im starting to think that after applying for a CO moose tag for 20 years, I may never get lucky. We would like to do archery if possible. Can you guys provide the names of a few of the outfitters you have used that are reasonably priced? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

From: Fuzzy
I used Victoria Outfitters, St Johns NF, their hunting concession is near Millertown, on the Victoria River. They are not a Bowsite sponsor.

From: longsprings
Get in touch with BSC they are great to deal with, also mayflower outfitters has a fine operation

Going to Roberts Outfitting the end of September. I've know them for years....good people

From: lawdy
Portland Creek outfitters.

From: Bou'bound
6 times with Moose valley and Dean McDonald. Check it out.

From: Aubs8
2 great experiences with Moose Valley as well.


From: Trial153
Our trip with Dean at MVO last fall was excellent, so much so that we rebooked. Can't wait till the next time. I understand he is booked up quite a bit in advance right now. I think it's worth the wait.

From: bowhunt2eat
Three of us went to Tuckamore lodge up toward St. Anthony, three bulls, two were P&Y!!

From: 616Buck

From: 616Buck
This thread was perfect timing. I have been thinking about a moose hunt and all the positive reviews of MVO helped me decide to book the hunt. I will be there in 2019.

From: wild1
Moose Valley or Bob Efford.

From: Sage Buffalo
Ironbound. Helicopter flight in is worth the cost. Their new outpost camps have been really successful on large bulls (something that isn't easy to do in NF). I haven't done the outpost camp but will eventually.

They are a great outfit.

From: Yeager
Anyone have any scoop on Parson's Pond?

From: Rayzor
I've been on the fence between Newfoundland and Alberta myself. Mike's Outfitting in Alberta is my likely destination. He seems to do well every year.

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