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Same bull ?
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newfielander 01-Apr-17
caribou77 01-Apr-17
bigbuck 01-Apr-17
Jaquomo 01-Apr-17
Bou'bound 01-Apr-17
South Farm 03-Apr-17
From: newfielander

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Same bull?
newfielander's embedded Photo
Same bull?
Hi everyone, a special hello to Charlie Rehor. Guys just wanted to see whats your thoughts are on these picture i got of either the same bull or 2 different bulls. Do ya think its the same bull? I have always heard and believe that moose grow back the same /similar antlers each year, and this pass fall i was really convinced. These pictures are taken just a few hundred yards from each other. Is this the same bull or different bulls?

From: caribou77
Looks to be the same to me. Nice bull!

From: bigbuck
If not surely the same genetics

From: Jaquomo
I've never seen a Newfie moose, but see a lot of Shiras from year to year, and if it was a Shiras I'd say definitely say it is the same bull.

From: Bou'bound
if it is not your odds of getting a good one just doubled

From: South Farm
Same moose is my guess...Even his fronts are nearly identical.

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