Sasquatch blamed for Idaho car crash
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From: tonyo6302

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Sasquatch blamed for Idaho car crash

As if drivers needed another distraction these days.

An Idaho woman who crashed into a deer on the night of March 22 claims the animal was chased in front of her car by a sasquatch.

The unidentified 50-year-old from the town of Tensed apparently became just that as she was driving along U.S. 95 near Potlatch and saw a shaggy seven- to eight-foot-tall creature running after the deer on the side of the highway, the Moscow-Pullman Daily News reports.

The woman told police that, after speeding by, she took a look in her rear-view mirror and next thing she knew the deer ran into the road and slammed into her Subaru Forester.

Uninjured, she left the area to pick up her husband at work, and then reported the incident to the Benewah County Sheriff’s Office.

Police found no evidence of a sasquatch at the scene of the accident, which is not far from Moscow Mountain, the location of several alleged sasquatch/bigfoot sightings over the years.

I'll bet there was jack links jerky package near

From: Tonybear61
Drugs and alcohol may have been involved????

Squatch was just hungry from partying

that is one fast deer if you can see it in your rearview mirror and have it slam into the side of your car while you are driving.

Ok. So, you're bowhunting and Sasquatch walks by at 20 yards. Do you arrow him?

From: Bou'bound
is it alone or a mother with young alongside.

From: Ace
It depends, is it a high fence 'hunt', crossbow, are you shooting a Rage?

From: LINK
I wouldn't shoot the Sasquatch for fear it would be TBM dressed up in his hunting garb. Now if I felt threatened I might kill Sasquatch in self defense.

From: butcherboy
I saw a movie last night with my kids about a lost boy in the woods that befriends a big green dragon. The dragon gets caught and I told my wife "See! If they can catch a big green dragon why is it that with all the hunters in the woods no one can catch or shoot a bigfoot?!" She just rolled her eyes.

From: elkstabber
Idyllwild: it would depend on whether the Sasquatch was broadside or facing the hunter. IMO a frontal shot on Sasquatch would not be ethical.

From: GhostBird
... how about the "ol ham blaster" ?

From: Zim
Idyllwild: Assuming this is a serious question, I honestly don’t think I would, it’s too ingrained in me to shoot only what I have a tag for. That said, if anyone did arrow one they’re looking at a 7 figure pay day assuming they play their cards right. It’d be the biggest news story for a while.

I don’t believe bigfoot exists, and this is the primary reason - Hunters never run into them in a realistic way or catch them on game trail cameras. You never read or hear of encounters where a hunter is sitting on a water hole/game trail and bigfoot simply walks in, gets a drink, takes a piss, and walks off unaware of the hunter’s presence (like a deer or elk would). It’s always some far-fetched story how it messed with the hunter/hikers and then ran off. I’ve caught elk, mule deer, moose, coyotes, bear, and mountain lion on my trail cams in the Utah backcountry. How is it there isn’t crystal-clear pics of bigfoot with the bushnell logo in the bottom left of the screen all over the internet?? Doesn’t add up, IMHO. Gotta admit though, it’s a very fun idea that there is a giant ape out there clobbering elk over the head with a rock! I’d be excited if it were real.

From: Fuzzy
sorry, that was me, I was hongry

From: bowonly
Imagine what would happen to somebody who actually killed a bigfoot. It would be the end of their life as they knew it, especially if the bigfoot was named Cecil!

From: Jethro
There are those that drive with sasquatch and those that drive from sasquatch. Which one are you?

From: Franklin
The story is baloney.....everyone KNOWS a Sasquatch can catch a deer....pffffft.

From: TrapperKayak
Didn't happen if there's no pics...

From: petedrummond
the date was April 1.....we will have pics for you April 1 2020.

Potlatch/Sasquatch... could it be an odd parallel? :)

From: TD
I'm thinking Orion'sbrother must have been making a scouting trip......

From: TrapperKayak
That article was in 2017...Just another youtube hoax.

So, is that a IPA....?

From: Woods Walker
Sounds like someone recently made a Coloweedo 'shroom run.

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