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Boot Crampon for Mt Goat hunt?
Mountain Goat
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SRBarefoot 07-Apr-17
Ambush 07-Apr-17
SDHNTR(home) 07-Apr-17
SRBarefoot 07-Apr-17
yeager 07-Apr-17
TEmbry 07-Apr-17
BULELK1 08-Apr-17
Steve H. 10-Apr-17
From: SRBarefoot
Will be going on a Mt Goat hunt on Kodiak Island in mid October 2107. Does anyone have a suggestion or recommendation on what type (or manufacturer) of boot crampon to buy?

From: Ambush

Ambush's MOBILE embedded Photo
Ambush's MOBILE embedded Photo

I use these from Hillsound. Easy in and off. Middle of the road for aggressiveness. Crampons and trekking poles are two essential items IMO

From: SDHNTR(home)
Depends on the terrain. No personal experience on Kodiak so I'm not equipped to answer. All I know is that on the two trips I've been on in the Chugach, I needed nothing less than a full step in, crampon. I used ones from Black Diamond.

From: SRBarefoot
Thank you , appreciate the input.

From: yeager
In Oct 2107, you might need a good wheel chair :) I know you meant 2017.....good luck.

From: TEmbry
I carried Kahtoola Microspikes on my Kodiak hunt last October, but never ended up using them. I would definitely take some sort of traction aide, I wouldn't be the best resource for how aggressive it needs to be.

I want to know your training routine if you are hunting Mnt. Goats in 2107!! haha

Keep us posted on your hunt this fall.

Good luck, Robb

From: Steve H.
My buddy and I use the microspike on "generic" goat hunts, great on wet grass too. Late season and serious glacial country you would want full crampons like SD mentioned. Kodiak that I have seen I'd probably go with the microspikes.

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