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How to Miss At 10yrds
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JH 12-Apr-17
jcneng 12-Apr-17
JH 12-Apr-17
WV Mountaineer 12-Apr-17
drycreek 12-Apr-17
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Brotsky 12-Apr-17
casekiska 12-Apr-17
Jaquomo 12-Apr-17
Woods Walker 12-Apr-17
Hawkeye 12-Apr-17
Rut Nut 13-Apr-17
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RD 13-Apr-17
Bowboy 13-Apr-17
snapcrackpop 17-Apr-17
Sage Buffalo 17-Apr-17
Boly 17-Apr-17
From: JH

From: jcneng
Been there done that! It happens!

From: JH
I pulled a few feathers off him though. I thought I hit him good after watching the video back so I look for him for quite awhile. Wasn't till I slowed down the video and noticed the small branch I nailed. It was just enough to throw the arrow off.

It happens bro. Stay with it and get 'em. God Bless men

From: drycreek
I don't even know why I opened this. Don't need help with missing........

From: Hawkarcher
Drycreek x2. I could teach a masters level course on screwing up a shot on a strutting tom. Can't wait to do it again.

From: Brotsky
Missing turkeys? Half Pint says hold my milk shake and watch this! :)

From: casekiska
Realistic video. Not all archers hit every time as they might have you believe. This is one I can relate to. Thanks for posting it! Cool.

From: Jaquomo
Me. Yesterday. Head shot at 9 yards. Head bobbed just as I shot and the arrow nicked the back of his neck. Didn't even make him run off but couldn't get a clear second shot.

I feel your pain.

From: Woods Walker
I already know how to do this!!!! Quite well in fact!

From: Hawkeye
I put a hole through a gobblers fan at ten yards once.....:(

Been there quite often :) Cool video. Thanks for sharing.

From: Rut Nut
Only shot I ever got at a Gobbler I cut 2 of his tail feathers off! : (

From: tacklebox
Looked / sounded more like a punch thru the breast...????

From: stick33

stick33's Link
Happened to me yesterday too. Took my time, rolled some footage and then botched the shot. I'm done with body shots. Switching back to Bullheads!

From: JH
Tackle, I thought that at first too. Believe me I look all over for that bird. When I got home I slowed the video down and if you watch closely the arrow goes through a few feathers just over the tail feathers.

The sound you hear is the twig I hit before it got to the bird. Gotta love lighted nocks.

To me I think turkeys are one of the toughest animals to bow hunt. After this miss it makes me 3 for 5 overall with the bow. Season just started I'm sure I'll have a few more opportunities.

From: RD
Happened to me today...8 yards bullhead to the right

From: Bowboy
Yep I've done that in the past. Thanks for sharing!

From: snapcrackpop

snapcrackpop's embedded Photo
snapcrackpop's embedded Photo
Looks like a decent shot.

From: Sage Buffalo
I did it with a shotgun years ago after I pulled a giant tom across a river (I am NOT the best caller in the world), a very large field, chased off a jake and came all the way into 10 yards and I missed. I rarely get mad hunting but I was livid.

From: Boly
I did it twice Saturday at 9 yds. They came back and this time I used my Snuffer SS and got him.

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