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Moose and mule deer combo
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skinner creek 13-Apr-17
expeditiontraders 14-Apr-17

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skinner creek's embedded Photo
I have one spot October 1-10 for a moose, deer combo. Access to remote cabin camp is by horse. Every hunters has had opportunity on moose the past 5 years. The deer hunting is good as well with everyone getting a decent buck. $10,500.00 usd plus license and tags

I also have room for a two on one hunt the same time frame October 1-10. You can hunt either a mule deer or black bear for a second animal. This hunt is based out of my lodge and is done mostly with a truck and walking into areas to call. Price for this hunt is $7350.00 usd/hunter plus license and tags

Very good area and excellent outfitter. Someone is in for a great hunt.

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