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Cool Musk Ox recap
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Nick Muche 13-Apr-17
sticksender 13-Apr-17
JohnB 13-Apr-17
Beav 13-Apr-17
Bou'bound 14-Apr-17
drycreek 14-Apr-17
Kurt 14-Apr-17
Florida Mike 14-Apr-17
WV Mountaineer 14-Apr-17
Southern draw 14-Apr-17
Shug 14-Apr-17
PAstringking 17-Apr-17
njbuck 17-Apr-17
trkyslr 17-Apr-17
Mark Watkins 17-Apr-17
SteveB 17-Apr-17
Paul@thefort 17-Apr-17
APauls 17-Apr-17
Stekewood 17-Apr-17
Zackman 17-Apr-17
t-roy 18-Apr-17
Halibutman 19-Apr-17
Hugh 19-Apr-17
Chief 419 19-Apr-17
From: Nick Muche

Nick Muche's embedded Photo
Nick Muche's embedded Photo

Nick Muche's Link
Here's a recap of a Musk Ox hunt my friend Justin (armyscoutsniper on here) did here in Alaska last month. Some very nice pictures and great trophies!

From: sticksender
Excellent write-up & great pics....those guys did good!

From: JohnB
Thanks Nick looks like a great trip!

From: Beav
Great hunt!!

From: Bou'bound

From: drycreek
Thanks Nick. That was, as Bou said, an adventure !

From: Kurt
Great photos and several really nice muskox! Brendan sure shoots some nice critters.

From: Florida Mike
Great adventure! Only thing that seemed odd was this; it was an unusual camo pattern for extreme cold. Do you ever get extreme cold without snow? I don't want to sound critical but it just seemed odd. But I live in Flar Duh so maybe thats why I don't recognize the cold weather camo? Mike

Nick, what kind of outer clothing do they have on?

Great story Congrats!

From: Shug
Very nice.. congratulations

From: PAstringking
Congrats. Two fine bulls.

From: njbuck
Nick, congrats on another great hunt. You sure are racking up the animals up there!

From: trkyslr
thanks Nick, this is a good one.... id feel the same and be happy for them even if they were wearing a pink moo-moo... good for them!

From: Mark Watkins
That's awesome!! Congrats!

Great hunt, critters and story!


From: SteveB
Great thread! Thanks for sharing it Nick!

From: Paul@thefort
Go figure!, I had to put on a warmer jacket just to read through the story and great pictures. Very nice. my best, Paul

From: APauls
Nice!! Also very interested in this cold weather gear. Something Kuiu has been missing from it's arsenal.

From: Stekewood
Great write up and phenomenal photography. Congrats to the hunters on the great bulls.

From: Zackman
Very nice bulls! Looks like something worth doing one time for sure

From: t-roy
Awesome pics. On the short list for sure.

From: Halibutman
If people knew how good muskox meat is to eat, they'd plan to do this hunt more than once. I'm almost out of those gloriously fatty packages of grind. I've been hoarding the last 6-8 for "a special occasion". I should eat them and go get another muskox! Some of the hunts offered in Greenland nowadays are downright cheap. I'm not sure about being able to bring all the meat home from there though, and for me that's a deal breaker.... maybe.

From: Hugh
Nick, I wish I knew about this on Saturday! My brother and I want to do this and need to talk to someone about particulars and contacts.


From: Chief 419
Thanks for sharing Nick. Great pics and story telling.

Halibutman - I hunted Greenland last August. You cannot bring the meat home. Don't be misled by the hunt cost being cheap. When you add up all of the travel expenses, tips, spending money and shipping of trophies back to the US, it's anything but cheap. It was worth every penny though!

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