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Looking for a good CO Lope outfit 2017
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mountainman 14-Apr-17
Matt Palmquist 14-Apr-17
Treeline 14-Apr-17
From: mountainman
The girlfriend and I have decided to do a 2017 antelope hunt on the way out to CO to elk hunt. Want to spend about 3 days if need be. I know the top end guys will be sold out this late. We are bow only. Shes really only comfortable to 25 yards max. So it needs to be a blind hunt with shots 20 or under. I'd be sitting in the blind with her.

Obviously since the draw is past we would need an OTC unit. Can anyone recommend a good outfitter in eastern CO? I'm talking to Sandy Hill, which we met at P&Y convention. But would like to explore a few options.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Did you talk with Jeremy Fiscus with Sandy Hills Hunting while you were at Pope and Young? I know he has 3 day antelope hunts that he was focused on selling, but not sure if he had much available this year. Worth a phone call. He is in NE Colorado I think.


From: Treeline
You might look at Wapiti Outfitters. They seemed to be very reasonable.

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