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Morgan- not outdone by her brother!
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From: Scoot
Since we got back from SD and our trip to visit the Brotsky clan we've focused on MN turkeys. Since Ryan was the only batter in the game in SD, Morgan was first up to the plate in MN. On Good Friday she and I headed out in the morning while Ryan stayed overnight at a buddy's house.

We got up early and got all set up in a nice where I knew some birds had roosted near from scouting the night before. I had a couple decoys in front of us and it was a beautiful morning. We heard geese, cranes, ducks, drumming grouse, and most importantly, turkeys! Here's what our decoy spread looked like that morning.

 photo P1070749_zpstsdett0a.jpg

After the tom I set up for left the roost and headed away from us, we occasionally called and waited. Morgan tried her hand with both the box call and the diaphragm call. She did well with the box call. The diaphragm call, well...

 photo P1070778_zpstfnbmd08.jpg

 photo P1070781_zps9lbmswoe.jpg

Soon she was snacking...

 photo P1070752_zpsknzxrkvm.jpg

Soon after that, she took a nap. Just before she dozed off I called in this hen.

 photo P1070757_zpsayjwtsdo.jpg

She hung around the decoy spread for almost an hour. Towards the end of that hour I softly yelped and a gobbler blew up about 40 yards to our right. Morgan had already woken up, but she popped up and got herself ready. I got her crossbow ready (hold the groans and complaints please, I managed to use a vertical bow on this hunt too, but if it bothers you that my nine year old daughter used an xbow, then you suck and you should quit reading this! LOL). I looked up and a jake pealed off of a couple hens and headed for the jake decoy.

 photo P1070762_zpsk0v1hzp7.jpg

 photo P1070763_zpsqttu4dxz.jpg

Just after I took the picture above I had finished whispering to Morgan to take her time and to wait for him to hold still, when two more jakes came sprinting in. I whispered "more are coming Morgan" and watched and readied the camera for some more pics. The birds attacked the decoy with great enthusiasm! They were feverishly beating the tar out of it and I was loving the show. Just as I was about to snap another picture I saw Morgan aiming left, then right, then mumbling something and she sounded like she was panicking. I leaned over and whispered "Don't shoot yet, Morgan. Just take your time and wait for one to hold nice and still. There's no hurry." I leaned back up to take more pictures and just as I did, I heard the "Whump" of the bolt taking off.

I watched in amazement as I saw the turkey get hit-- he rolled back and to the side, but his left wing dropped straight to the ground. "Oh my, what a terrible shot!", was all I could think. I reached down for my bow, to try put a finishing shot on the bird, but before I got my bow up, he was running off at breakneck speed.

I tried to decide whether to get Morgan loaded up with another bolt or not, but decided that bird would almost certainly die, so I took an arrow out of my quiver and when I looked up I was pleased to see another jake walking into my shooting window at a whopping distance of 4 yards. I shot him and he ran 15 yards and keeled over. The last remaining jake ran over and put a beating on that bird.

 photo P1070767_zps5d3nf0vo.jpg

While he was doing this I saw Morgan's bird flopping just 20 yards to our right. A double! Most importantly, it was with my daughter! We were thrilled.

 photo P1070789_zpshhg98ovo.jpg

For the second time in a couple weeks the decoy was sprayed with blood!

 photo P1070790_zpshmqnn7fn.jpg

The scene of the crime.

 photo P1070794_zpskkjaq7er.jpg

When we got over to the bird Morgan shot I quickly discovered that she had actually made a good shot. The Magnus Bullhead had clipped off the tip of the bird's beak, cut about 1/4 of his neck, and after passing by the head area hit the wing and sliced it off. It definitely wrecked this jake's day!

 photo P1070842_zpsy92i3gyy.jpg

I was so excited to take pictures I forgot Morgan's face mask!

 photo P1070803-01_zpsqxowqlcw.jpeg

Typical Morgan, she just had to have a picture like this!

 photo P1070837-01_zpsludif4yf.jpeg

 photo P1070810-01_zpspqnu5pto.jpeg

 photo P1070820-01_zpsivqvz99j.jpeg

 photo P1070823-01_zpsknn3simj.jpeg

One of my favorite pictures I've ever taken!  photo P1070832-01_zpsfrpjng2v.jpeg

From: JW
Congrats Morgan and Scoot! Heck of a double! That's what it's all about!!!

From: drycreek
Good times !

From: Destroyer350
That's awesome! Congrats to both of you!

Crazy awesome!!! Congrats to the both of yas!!

Awesome man!

From: JohnB
Way to go Dad and Morgan good for you!

From: Brotsky
Awesome story and pics Scott! Congrats to Morgan and to yourself on completing the double! That's the dream for me, to have Kia and Nichole double while I film.

Now that's awesome! Way to go !

From: sticksender
Congrats to you guys!

From: t-roy
Way to go Morgan! And you as well Scoot! Your crew is giving those Cali guys a run for their money! Great pics!!

From: Scoot
Haha thanks guys. T-roy, those Cali guys have forgotten more about turkey hunting than we'll ever know!

From: Timbrhuntr
There ya go that's too cool !

From: otcWill
Love it! Well done!

From: midwest

From: trkyslr
Great pics and even better experience for you two Scott. Good job!!!! Turkey hunting sure is fun!!!

From: pav
Congrats on the double!

Very cool indeed

Congrats Morgan

Good luck, Robb

From: Mark Watkins

A HUGE congrats!!! Way to go teaching your dear old Dad a life lesson on shot confidence:)!!!

Nicely done Scoot!


From: GhostBird
CONGRATULATIONS.... good work & good times.

Good job on the turkeys fond memories.

From: Franzen
Nice work!

From: elkmtngear
Excellent work Morgan! Father/Daughter adventures are the best!

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: Bowfreak
Great job Morgan!

From: 4beards
Congrats Morgan! That is totally awesome.

From: snapcrackpop
Great shot, kids, dad & family!

From: Medicinemann
Is she "hooked"? Sure looks it from the photos.....

From: Scoot
Jake, she likes hunting, but isn't bonkers about it like her brother or me. Ryan will come along hunting whether he has a tag or not. Morgan has no interest if she can't be the one shooting. I'm doing my best to provide good experiences and make it as positive as possible for her- she won't endure tough or frustrating hunts like Ryan and I will! I'm hoping to keep her involved as much as possible before goofy things like boys and other activities try to steal her away from me and our time together in the outdoors!

From: Duke
Great stuff! You'll never forget it. Thanks for taking us along on your hunt.

Very nice! I love that you are educating them in the woods and getting them outdoors. Congratulations, to all of you!

From: Hawkeye
Awesome! Congrats !

From: JB
Scoot - having enticed 3 daughters to follow me into the woods, I always LOVE these threads. Congrats on the t-birds and the awesome experience!!

From: Scoot
I've got a follow up report for those who have been kind enough to post and offer encouragement and congrats to my kids. Ryan placed the first bet of one jake. Morgan saw that wager. Ryan has now raised one additional jake!

We went to a roosting area last night and get set up at about 5:45. I'm pretty sure we bumped a tom and a hen on the way in- they were headed in the direction of our planned location and we tried to hightail it in there and beat them to the spot. But, all was quiet and I think we spooked them on the way in. However, we heard a gobble about 45 minutes later and I looked up and saw three jakes coming in on a string. Ryan readied his bow and I got my camera ready. Unfortunately, something happened to me at that point that I've never had happen-- my camera battery crapped out on me. I failed to charge it and it died, so all I got was crummy cell phone pictures. Poor planning on my part.

The jakes attacked the decoy immediately. After getting busted the last time he tried to draw his bow, Ryan was patient with when to draw. Too patient, IMO, but he finally got back to his knock point and locked on the biggest jake in the bunch. That guy finally lifted his head up and held still for a second and Ryan made good on the opportunity.

 photo IMG_20170418_183515044-01_zps6jfy5wku.jpeg

 photo IMG_20170418_183955986-01_zpsmoxolnii.jpeg

 photo IMG_20170418_184103827-01_zpsws4g8v57.jpeg

 photo IMG_20170418_184852929-01_zpsckwlnwz3.jpeg

Ryan loves to pack any animal he shoots out of the woods. However, he didn't make it too far with this pack-- the blind, two chairs, and his turkey.

 photo IMG_20170418_190236694-01_zpsksgbtxxv.jpeg

We were tagged out in MN! Four tags (one in SD) in about 2 1/2 weeks and all were filled! All we have left now is to help some friends try get a bird or two. What a great Spring for my kids and me! Have I ever confessed just how much I love bowhunting?!? I love it and I'm so glad my kids do too. Thanks again for all the kinds words! Good luck to all who are still chasing thunderchickens!

From: Brotsky

Brotsky's embedded Photo
Brotsky's embedded Photo
Atta boy Ryan! Congrats on a great season Scott! You guys really have them dialed in this year! You've made some great memories with both Ryan and Morgan that will last you guys a lifetime.

Also, tell Ryan that if he comes back to SD next spring he can carry my pack too, I only want to carry loads this heavy out of the elk woods! Ha!

From: Beav
What a great Spring for you and your kids! Congrats on a job well done to all of you.

From: t-roy
Way to go Ryan!........AGAIN!!

Scoot, it will sure be nice in a few years for you. With all that experience Ryan is getting packing stuff out, I'm sure he'll be more than happy to pack your elk out for ya!

From: Mt. man
Way cool, congrats!

From: Jaquomo
Really great, Scott!!! Congratulations on a season you'll all remember for the rest of your lives. You're a great dad!!

From: Z Barebow
Great job father and family. Thanks for documenting and bringing these great stories to Bowsite.

It was nice to see a turkey come within your effective range! LOL!

From: bliz6
Awesome! Congrats to all.

From: Drahthaar
Awesome. Forrest

From: Scoot
Thanks guys- sure was a fun Spring for us!

"It was nice to see a turkey come within your effective range! LOL!"

Haha, I can handle that distance! I hope an elk comes the same distance from you this Sep, Z!

From: WapitiBob
Very nice, well done.

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