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No reason for CA lion hunting
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Bowfreak 18-Apr-17
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HDE 18-Apr-17
BOWUNTR 18-Apr-17
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PECO 18-Apr-17
DL 18-Apr-17
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Surfbow 19-Apr-17
wyobullshooter 19-Apr-17
Dan Mallia 31-May-17
wyliecoyote 31-May-17
From: Bowfreak

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It's just your every day scenario of a large predator snatching your family pet from your bedroom.

From: tradmt
Sleeping with the door open???

I like how she understands that young lions do foolish things. LMAO!!!

Well... I guess that's what happens when wild animals have no reason to fear humans. "They are learning" she says! Haha, yeah learning that house pets are tasty and you can't do anything to stop em.

So there's no lion hunting in CA for purely "political" reasons not because of any scientific reasons? Crazy world we live in. People just aren't logical.

From: Fuzzy
it burns....

From: Z Barebow
No hunting allowed. Lost your dog to a lion. That is ruff.

From: BDA

That's funny....

I know a lot of lions get relocated in addition to those that get "exterminated" in California. You just don't hear about it because that is the way the sheeple like it. The less they know, the better off they feel about themselves.

"I don't see why you don't get your meat from the store like everyone else!" Because, as everyone knows, no animals were harmed in the "making" of this meat.

From: HDE
Back in the day "those" people would've already been weeded out. Natural selection applies to humans as well...

This is not even worth a discussion... lost cause. Ed F

From: bowbender77
Dreams of californication come true.

From: ohiohunter
Cat hunting had been banned for quite sometime. Though if there was a problem cat the G&F would call on known houndsmen, my friend was one of them. Then they banned hound hunting for bear within the past 7yrs or so. Bears are easier to trap so I'd imagine the whole out of sight out of mind operations of G&F are trying to keep populations in check.

From: Keef
Not hunting them is crazy, but even worse is you can't bring a legally killed out of state lion across the state line into CA. sure glad I don't live there.

From: PECO
They may get serious about the cat situation when a few trophy wives get killed. I wonder if cats like the flavor of silicone?

From: DL
People like that should not own any animals! Domestic animals rely on their owners for protection. If you can't, don't get any.

You guys cant imagine how bad it is here. I dont think there is a way to stop it. I only hope the rest of our great country doesn't go liberal. It's a shame..

From: t-roy
PECO.....I can see the headlines now........ Cougar kills cougar!

I sure feel bad for all you guys that live out there and have to put up with all the senseless crap the libtards shovel out :-(

From: Surfbow
Just last night my daughter and I were looking at an old field guide to Pacific Coast mammals, printed in 1987. The section about mountain lions has a ridiculous editorial by the author, a California biologist, that even though lions were increasing in number he'd like to see legislation passed that prevented them from ever being killed on purpose for any reason...I wonder if he's changed his tune at all.

Unfortunately, I was born in Cali. Thank God my family moved away before the idiots completely took over!

From: Dan Mallia
This state is insane. When I retire, I'm looking to get out. This place is lost.

From: wyliecoyote
We have a couple bills here in Cali now: One to allow suppressors on long guns, 40 states already allow it..less ear harming noise, better accuracy, less effect on the public..whatchathink the chance of that bill passing with 80% liberal dems in our legislature?? Old law that allowed open carry of long guns in unincorporated areas (outside of towns) is being amended to not allow anymore..../.CRAZY !! Where is that rancher gonna hide his varmint rifle??

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