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Prince of wales bear recommendations
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From: Truckie
Looking for info from anyone who has gone on one of these self guided trips to POW about who you stayed with. I have found several outfits that offer truck lodging and boat. If you have used one of them I would love to hear about how it went and if you would recommend them. If you had a bad experience and would like to share I am interested in that as well. I've never been to Alaska so any suggestions are welcomed.

From what I have read the best way to go is to fly to ketchikan, stay the night and catch a plane or ferry to POW.

Any issues you ran into would be a big help as well. Was it difficult getting meat and hides home? Any unexpected expenses?

Also did you book your stay prior to drawing the tag or was there availability in February after the draw results came out for that year?

Thanks in advance

I'm pretty sure the application in December is for the following year's spring. You don't draw the tag a few months before the hunt. If you apply for a spring hunt this December, it'll be for a spring hunt in 2019 or a fall hunt in 2018.

From: Buskill
PM me and I'll get a hold of you to tell you what I've learned after several trips. Too much for me to type.

From: Russell
If I were you, I would PM Blacktail Bob.

A few years ago, my daughter and I flew into Ketchikan, rented a car, and stayed the night. Caught the first ferry out in the morning.

POW is a beautiful island with marvelous folks that live there. I'm looking forward to returning some day for new adventures.

From: kellyharris
I would second getting in touch with BlacktailBob He is a sponsor here on Bowsite also. There is a company called the salt shack on the island who does a great job and will ship your hide home.

Are you planning a Fall hunt? or as mentioned a Spring hunt the following Year? I went to POW once over 12 years ago. It was sort of semi-guided with a friend who was working at a lodge. We rented a boat. I flew into Ketchikan and then flew out same day to meet up with the buddy. Very fun hunt!

For getting hides back the easiest way is to pack it in a water proof duffle. It has to be un-frozen to get checked/sealed. I had mine checked at the airport. Then you can just check it on the airplane. If you get home the same day it should be fine, just make sure you trim it well when you skin the bear. (talk with your taxidermist about it). Like mentioned there are options there as well if you just want to leave the hide and have it shipped.

From: Truckie
I did not realize the draw was for 15 months out, that's a big help thanks. Is it worth going in the fall?

From: Russell
Suggest asking Bob. (Blacktail type).

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